AirAsia Can Definitely Create Better Performing Facebook Ads & So Can You!

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Writing this article is a little intimidating. AirAsia is a giant in Malaysia, after all. Everybody knows who they are. Plus, they were probably the ones who pioneered credit card-based online purchasing in Malaysia. So they’re definitely a company Cause Effect respects in the industry. We know all of you already know who AirAsia is. […]

How To Improve Lead Acquisition On Facebook Ads- Malindo Air

You’ve undoubtedly heard of Malaysian-based Malindo Air. Offering plenty more than its low-cost competitors (personal tv, light snacks, free meal and LEGROOM), it has started its upward climb towards being a household name in Malaysia, and we can definitely understand why. Their Facebook ads definitely reminded us of their awesomeness, however, we feel that it […]

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