High Reaching FB Ads Do Not Guarantee High Conversions

When your FB Ads are getting a lot of reach but you’re getting little conversions, what do you do? Points Reach Reach is basically the number of people your ad’s been shown to. It isn’t necessarily the best metric to identify that your target audience is right and it doesn’t mean guaranteed conversions. To make […]

7 Things To Determine Facebook Ads Cost

So how much do we have to spend on a Facebook ad? How much is too much and how much is too little? We might all want to know the exact costs there is for each Facebook ads, but truthfully there is no accurate way to pinpoint with the finger. However, there is an average […]

How Paktor Can Increase Their Ad Relevance Score!

Since its inception in 2013, Paktor is one of the world’s renowned dating app similar to its rival Tinder. Especially in Asia, Paktor rule supreme in being the go-to app for finding a match online. To date, the Singapore-based app is hugely well-received in Thailand, Malaysia, Cambodia, Singapore, etc. So, if you are single or […]

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