Consumers spend a minimum of thirty minutes browsing through social media platforms on a daily basis, but is your business visible enough to reach their screens?

There is no doubt that marketers go to extreme lengths to expand their reach and visibility on a social media platform. Without strategic navigation, the content reach becomes limited, and the reasons for this situation are pretty simple.

For instance, Facebook oversees about 4.5 billion content pieces in a day, leading to too many posts competing for a place in a user’s feed. Therefore, the chances of a post entering someone’s feed are limited to the number of fans on your brand’s page. After all, users tend to read content shared by their connected friends more than they do reading commercial ones. If you have a page dedicated to your brand and want your audience to see it, you need to care for your page’s health.

Do you know how relevant your page content is to your audience? When you curate relevant and relatable content to them, your page will receive more organic engagement. This makes up a healthy page, which will then result in it organically reaching more people. Besides, if your content appears on more screens and it catches people’s attention, you know it will spark conversation.

As a growing digital advertising agency Malaysia has to offer to all the businesses out there, we are here to help you with the best tips and tricks that we have up our sleeves. So here are three simple yet powerful tactics to help boost your content reach.


1. Curate trending content in your industry on your social media pages

Create a content curation blueprint for your brand to boost your posts and receive better results! The idea is to provide your audience with everything they could ask for on your social media platforms, so they don’t have to go elsewhere. Understand your audience and what fans of the industry are talking about by using good listening tools in order to monitor the field. 

2. Engaging employees to promote content using an employee advocacy platform

Who else is a better advocate for your brand if not your employee? They could best amplify your products and promotions on social media, and the right advocacy platform could create a system for brand content reach on social media. As you may already know, the best brand advocates are those who believe in the products they are promoting.

3. Appeal to your social media audience with interesting and relatable visuals

You can stand out more than the rest if you know how to use the right images and videos in your content. Create the ones that tell a good story that can captivate your audience from the first second that their eyes land on the visual itself, regardless of whether it is a still image or a video. When the content is relatable and easy for your audience to understand, it is more likely that they will stay on your page and look for more information. With the rising volumes of text on social media platforms, a perfectly placed visual is an excellent relief from the monotonous flow. You need visuals that communicate feelings.



There is a labyrinth of ways for you to connect with your audience and provide them with the right information and content they desire. With the world of social media at your fingertips, the possibilities are endless. By harnessing the power of content curation, your very own employees, and captivating visuals, you can absolutely reach out to more people online and have them visit your page every now and then.

A shift in performance doesn’t always need the biggest efforts, sometimes it’s the little ones; the ones that bring meaning to both your brand and your consumers. Spice up your page with wonderful visualised content and amplify your employees’ voices, and you might find your brand on every person’s screen, envied by those who are still competing to be featured.

At Cause Effect Digital, one of Malaysia’s best digital marketing agencies, our creative team of experts is always ready to implement these powerful social media strategies to make your brand one that will be remembered. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for more tips and updates.

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