You’ve undoubtedly heard of Malaysian-based Malindo Air. Offering plenty more than its low-cost competitors (personal tv, light snacks, free meal and LEGROOM), it has started its upward climb towards being a household name in Malaysia, and we can definitely understand why.

Their Facebook ads definitely reminded us of their awesomeness, however, we feel that it could be improved even further.

For a company geared to take on Malaysia, their Facebook ads could use some work. Let’s see if Cause Effect can help out.

So let’s take a look at the ad we found.

Ad Breakdown


Wow. This is a pretty well-designed ad. There’s a cute kid. There’s a promotion.

The concept is clear. It’s the school holidays. A cute kid might communicate the idea, but we think that Malindo could definitely do tests and experimentation to boost their conversion rates further.

Again, what’s lacking from the ad is that emotional connection.

Ad Status Bar

“School Holidays are on the way! Fly starting from 49, inclusive of 30kg baggage space. Book now!”

Now there’s the problem. It’s an announcement of the school holidays that are coming.

Parents are well aware of that. There’s no linking to the next point. It also doesn’t try to relate to the person making the decisions.

Why should I go on a holiday? Do my kids need one? I want to relax. This status bar addresses none of these pain points.


The image shows a kid playing on the beach. A person will be more motivated to make a purchase if he or she is a part of the experience.

The image can communicate “Make My Child Happy” or “I Want To Make My Child Happy”

We also think the price can be highlighted a little better.

Pre-CTA Headline

“No School, Let’s Have Fun”

This is one of the first things the reader will notice about the ads. This headline could make you feel something.

Instead, it repeats the obvious.

Pre-CTA Body

This is a good area to place the booking period and travel validity, but there is no sense of urgency from it. We think this could be tweaked to push the reader to make a purchase too.

Now we need to make it constructive. As we’ve said before, we believe in having multiple variations.

Target different segments with the same promotion. Diversify.

Here are some options to look at.

Ad Variation 1


Ad Status Bar

Look at the status. Instead of speaking about the child, we chose to speak about the relationship between the parent and the child.

The status builds a desire for the reader to do something special with their children. The post’s call to action (while seats are available) creates an urgency before they miss out on the promotion.


It shows the parent (reader) and the child in a bonding moment by the beach. What emotions does that invoke in the reader?

Holiday. I need it to spend quality time with my children. They’ll love it. They’ll love me.

We also went to the liberty of making sure the promotion is highlighted even further.

Pre-CTA Headline

“Have A Great Family Holiday For RM49”

Great Family. The dream of a parent dangled in front of them. The word Holiday triggers the reader while they are at work.

Make use of the headline. Convince the readers they can benefit from you.

Pre-CTA Body

The details. Now what to do with it?

Travel sounds detached. Build anticipation with the information!

“Flights are from 1st to 31st March”. You’re gonna be flying off soon.

Make the promo seem urgent. Show that the clock is running out.

Hey, why not add another surprise there too to seal the deal right?

But hey, we did say we’ll have multiple variations right?

Let’s check out the next one!

Ad Variation 2


Hahaha. Sometimes you have to win with the first impression.

Same promotion. Different targets.

Ad Status Bar

“Stressed out from taking care of the kids? Plan a romantic getaway with the hubby right away while seats are available! Get 30kg FREE luggage space too!”

It’s quite clear this post targets the mums.

So many “ads” dangle the romantic holiday in front of readers.

Through this status, we create a problem and propose a solution.

Oh, wait! There’s another add-on as well. 30kg luggage? Shopping time!


The image shows a stressed out woman, something that definitely grabs attention and relates well to the mums.

In this ad, we focused on the problem and highlighted the solution for the readers to make the connection.

In fact, the two things that are the main focus of the “ad” are the image and the….

Pre-CTA Headline

Wow, what a mismatch. “Fly Off On A Romantic Holiday”

Exactly. That’s what grabs their attention. While the image shows stress, the solution is displayed right below it in bold.

If these two elements are the only things the reader notices, it would have communicated the message well.

Now we’ve targeted two different markets. What’s the next one? Let’s find out!

Ad Variation 3


Ad Status Bar

“You’re due for some time off. Get comfortable with Malindo Air this school holidays and enjoy a relaxing time away from work. Don’t delay and take the holiday you deserve!”

You’re due for some time off. You’ve worked hard. You deserve it.

This would attract somebody who is stuck at work, stressing out over project deadlines, and already fantasising about a taking that break.

If they’re thinking about competitors, the “get comfortable” phrase communicates Malindo Air’s awesome Unique Selling Proposition very well which is a budget airline with comfort and amenities built in.


A nice relaxing pace, no shoes and perfect weather. The perfect idea for a solo holiday!

Through the image, we take all elements of work out and place them in a situation they can imagine themselves in.

Just walking. Quite simple, isn’t it?

Hold your horses. There’s one more variation.

Ad Variation 4


Ad Status Bar

“Kids will be kids. Give them a treat this school holiday and take them for a well deserved holiday with Malindo Air.

“Offer expires on the 26th February. Act now before seats run out!”

This status works simply by reminding parents about their kids. Parents are always thinking about the state of their kids. Reminding them the simple message that their kids need a break can go a long way.


Showing a family doing something as simple as taking a fun selfie together works wonders to stimulate desire.

Most often than not, working parents have no opportunity for these moments.

This image stimulates a desire to spend quality time and record good memories together with the whole family.

Pre-CTA Headline

“Your Kids Need A Breather. They’re Kids.”

For this ad, instead of asking you to think of the relationship between the parent and their children, the ad guilt trips the parents into thinking of the children.

Guilt. It’s one emotion marketers don’t use enough to sell.

When people are only focusing on positive messaging, negative messaging (in subtle amounts) slips through the reader’s defences.

Remember what we said about A/B testing and experimentation?

This is one good example of that.

Pre-CTA Body

This time we switched the position of certain information to see which one works.

The offer expiration goes up top. The 30kg luggage space goes below.

You can keep moving information around and see which one gets the most engagement and clicks.


We hope this article helps you shine some light on the power a Facebook ad can have. You’d be surprised the impact these small tips will have on lowering your user acquisition costs.

We hope Malindo Air will take this constructive feedback into consideration and not take it negatively.

In fact, we hope Malindo Air can send us an email at [email protected] to discuss how we can both maximise the impact of Malindo Air’s Facebook ads. We’d love to be in partnership with you.


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