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Business & Financial


Industry: Business, Finance

Objective: User acquisition, User engagement

Services provided: Performance Marketing, Design

FS Bolt is a mobile app that allows SME owners to apply for quick loans with minimal documentation and hassle. We helped them to find users and boost their number of app downloads by running Facebook advertising and EDM campaigns to specifically target business owners. Our user targeting and engagement framework achieved an over 200% increase in average monthly downloads within 6 months while there was also a nearly 400% increase in average monthly impressions within the same period.We also run the FS Bolt blog, writing articles which help improve the SEO performance of the website, driving more traffic to the site and the app.


Industry: Tech/ Startup

Objective: Brand awareness, User acquisition, User engagement

Services provided: Performance Marketing, Design & Development, Tech Innovation

A Singapore based Series A startup. Cause Effect’s task was to attract as many active users to the Spotnews app as possible whilst simultaneously improving user engagement.To achieve this, we provided Spotnews with an overall user acquisition and retention improvement framework. We developed and optimised a content strategy based on data and analytics tracked.We continuously optimized the UI/UX of the app to reduce drop offs, and implemented cross mobile platform targeting to target the ideal audience on various platforms.As a result, Spotnews reached 26,000 downloads within Q1 of launch and proceeded to generate 800,000 downloads after 18 months of operations, acquiring users at a 92% lower cost than its competitors.Spotnews and it’s tech properties have since been acquired by a local conglomerate.
Current Affairs

Joey Yap

Industry: Motivational Speaking / Content Creation

Objective: Brand advocacy, Develop Content Pillars, Build Fanbase

Services provided: Brand Content Strategy, Brand Content Structure, Channel Distribution Strategy

The world's foremost authority on Chinese Metaphysics with an immense international following. Cause effect was brought on board to implement a strategy to rebrand Dato' Joey Yap and produce content that is tailor-made to target specific audiences who are heavily consuming videos across all social media platforms.We mapped out of the existing channels of the Joey Yap brand and identified the performance of each channel. Content was then developed specifically for each channel while creating a holistic funnel for the brand.Within 6 months, we doubled the amount of subscribers on Joey Yap’s YouTube channel, while his Facebook page has reached 2.2 million fans and has seen it's course take up rate double as well.


Industry: Fashion/ Retail/ Physical Store

Objective: Purchase consideration, Walk-ins, Sales

Services provided: CMO, Performance Marketing, Design & Development

Cause Effect was approached to come up with a digital marketing strategy to acquire new clients and to increase the amount of walk ins.We laid out a 3 month execution plan to discover ROI positive and sustainable digital ad campaigns. After the plan was decided, we executed and continuously optimized marketing funnel from the ad, to the sign up, to the follow up and ultimately to the walk-in sale.With our campaign, we managed to achieve a positive ROI within month 2, generating an average of 3x the ad expenditure in revenue within the 3 month period.


Industry: Charity, NGO

Objective: Donor retention, New donor acquisition

Services provided: Social Media Marketing

Our job was to determine how to engage target audiences with educational content about different types of Cancer while also promoting MAKNA events and MAKNA’s statistics/services. The end goal for all content was to reassure current MAKNA donors while attracting and establishing trust with new donors.We created content pillars which effectively delivered bite sized information to these audiences, resulting in increased engagement, increased organic reach, a better understanding of MAKNA's target audience and an overall increase in telephone calls directly to MAKNA by 400%.


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