[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Writing this article is a little intimidating.

AirAsia is a giant in Malaysia, after all. Everybody knows who they are. Plus, they were probably the ones who pioneered credit card-based online purchasing in Malaysia. So they’re definitely a company Cause Effect respects in the industry.

We know all of you already know who AirAsia is. We’re still going to do an introduction to who they are.

AirAsia Berhad is a Malaysian low-cost airline headquartered near Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It is the largest airline in Malaysia by fleet size and destinations, and Asia’s largest low-cost airline by passengers carried and jet fleet. AirAsia Group operates scheduled domestic and international flights to more than 165 destinations spanning 25 countries.

It’s one of Malaysia’s most popular brands.

They have over 10 million followers on their Facebook! Their posts are highly engaging. Their customer service representatives answer all relevant customer enquiries on Facebook regularly.They’ve got an amazing social media management team.

The AirAsia Facebook page is a prime example of how much influence, advocates and engagement a business can generate by being active on Facebook.

But, we do see opportunities to improve upon the execution of their Facebook Advertisements.

We think they can be improved significantly to improve the CTR in order to generate more sales and engagements. Ultimately, providing more bang for their buck.

We at Cause Effect believe that getting the concepts right give us the largest possible improvement to Cost per Acquisition and impact. It is not just limited to that. Targeting and time can be significantly improved as well.

So, let’s start off with where the biggest margin for improvement can be made. The concepts.

Let’s take a look, shall we?

Look At This AirAsia Ad! 

We won’t deny it. AirAsia gives fantastic promotions. Who in their right mind wouldn’t click on a FREE SEATS ad?! There are some key problems here, though.



The message lacks the desire to relate to the customers. Free Seats are amazing. You can make it sound better by relating it to the potential customer’s base desires.

“You haven’t gone on a trip since forever”

“Go on your next big adventure for FREE!”

Another thing that can be added to the message is urgency.

A simple line like “Seats are limited. Better book quickly.” will definitely create a sense of urgency and increase the performance of the ad.


We know sex sells. We also know that context is very important. This ad will most probably only attract bargain hunters.

Putting a pretty girl in a story will definitely get this ad to perform better.

A beautiful girl hitchhiking across the desert. A handsome man looking at the cityscapes of Japan in awe. That stimulates the desire to travel.

Create a need and a context for the FREE SEATS to be more valuable.

Link Headline

This is a waste. We’ve mentioned this before, but the headline might be the first thing a person notices about an ad. This space should be used to entice potential customers and persuade them!

Link Description

This is just sad. There was no effort placed here at all.

The sale is ending this Sunday. So? I can just click here later, right? Let me tell some of my friends about this. My family.

I might forget, though.

“Call your friends now and book immediately. The sale ends this Sunday. The seats are a lot more limited, though. Click now!”

Now there’s the sense of urgency.

Ad Variation 1

If you have to focus on the free element in the image, you have to balance the ad. Don’t just repeat FREE throughout the ad.

Nobody’s going to be impressed. They might even get turned off.

Free is just a tool. People are interested in what exactly are you giving away for free.

Free seats mean nothing. Why would I want to sit?

The destination. A break. A way to destress. A little space from my life. That’s what’s important. If you’re giving that away for free, the consumers will be very interested.

AdParlor_Website Clicks_Newsfeed_Preview (5)


Forget saving money for the adventure of your dreams. Get a free holiday now! We want to use this ad to get impulse purchases.

Make it convenient. Since there’s so little to lose, just pick where you want to go straight away.

Click, pack and fly. We provided the illusion of ease and instant travel.

Our treat. This brands AirAsia as a concerned business. We care.


Grab Free Seat Now

We made the ad to look like a button. Since clicking on the image will get you to the link as well, we inserted a big button to stand out. This will definitely stand out in everybody’s news feed.

You’d be surprised just how many more clicks this simple move will generate.

Link Headline

Click For A Holiday

We abandoned all attempts at soft selling here. It’s time to be bold.

Act Now. It’s free.

Link Description

If they’re not sold there, the consumers will need a little more information to persuade them.

No more excuses. You need a break. We provide the list of locations they can fly to. Have the best time of your lives.

Come on. You can stop thinking. Click that button. What do you have to lose?

Ad Variation 2

Before you say anything about the wifey/hubby and her/him, we better set the record straight. This ad can have two variations so AirAsia can target two different groups.

Holidate. We came up with that, we think. Pretty cute, isn’t it?

AdParlor_Website Clicks_Newsfeed_Preview (6)


Grab the partner and take them on a surprise trip. Place an idea or a possibility to the consumer. A free seat can mean a surprise holiday.

Be impulsive.

This ad also improves the perception of the AirAsia brand. We believe in love!


Enjoy Your Free Holidate!

Holiday Date. We know. It’s not going to win any awards. It does add personality to the ad. Personality and personability.

Look at the happy couple running on the beach. Don’t you wish it was you?

Link Headline

Surprise! It’s A Holiday!

One thing we understand is that impulsive purchases mean impulsive holidays. You didn’t plan beforehand. How do you make this sound appealing? SURPRISE!!

Link Description

This romantic offer is not going to last forever. Better be quick. Urgency increases the click rate.

Just because it’s free, doesn’t mean it needs to be a bad ad.

Ad Variation 3

The need to travel is becoming greater as time moves on. Experience new things. Go on adventures.

We thought we’d focus on making the destination seem more appealing this time.



You always wanted to go on a holiday. We know. You never got around to it. What’s your excuse now?

Satisfy that need to travel!


Insert a smiling face. It wouldn’t be a holiday without the flower in the hair, would it?

That beach background looks like fun!

Well, if beaches aren’t your thing, there are 4 very different locations to choose from.

Remember how we said the destination is what’s important to the consumer?

This is what we’re showing them. This is what the free seats will get you.

Are Your Bags Packed? Go right now. Be ready. You can’t wait, can you?

Link Headline

Your Free Flight Is Waiting!

Yes. We made the image excite the consumers. We then told them it was free. How could they resist?

Link Description

Hurry. Act now. You’re going to miss out if you wait. Click immediately. Doesn’t that make you afraid to lose the offer?

Ad Variation 4

Sometimes the destination doesn’t matter. It’s what you’re taking a break for.

This ad targets the stressed out people at work. Imagine coming home from work and seeing this. There’s no way you wouldn’t click on it.



You’ve been slaving away at work long enough. Use the word slaving to show that we understand your stress.

AirAsia is sponsoring that ticket to freedom!

Recuperate and relax on your long deserved holiday. You deserve it. You need it.


You’ve worked hard. Here’s a pat on the back.

It’s time to take a break. Do it through AirAsia.

You can be happy too, like these two typical suit-wearing workers!

Link Headline

Go On An Adventure For Free!

Remember that holiday we were talking about? Did we tell you it was free?

So, what’s stopping you now?

Link Description

Click on the link to see which destination catches your fancy.

You better do it quick before we run out of seats.

You don’t want to miss out. You can’t lose this opportunity.


Cause Effect knows you don’t need so many ways to promote an offer as good as this.

We’re just demonstrating how we can sell something better. The thought process. The tricks. We want to show how to understand the people you are trying to reach and use it to improve the success of your ad.

We hope AirAsia doesn’t take offence. AirAsia can use these tricks to take their Facebook Ads to the next level. More conversions. More clicks.

If you’re interested to know more, you can get in touch with us through the button below.

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We hope you liked the article and we were able to help shed some light on digital marketing.


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