What Is Content Marketing? Does It Help Me Generate Sales & Lead Acquisition?

It’s a shame that a majority of companies in Malaysia do not pose a strong front in content marketing. It’s also a great opportunity for you. Delivering creative and highly valuable content to your customers will bear its fruits and take you to heights you’ve never imagined. Before that, let’s start with the basics, shall […]

How 50gram Can Explode Through Facebook Ads!

Ever heard of 50gram? Maybe not. They’re a pretty interesting service, though. They’re a flower delivery service based in Malaysia. They’re also doing something called video bouquet, though we can’t find an explanation of what it is on their website. Their bouquets look amazing, though. Well, we found a Facebook post they’re boosting and thought […]

4 Alternatives & Guidelines To Rejuvenate Mah Sing Group Facebook Ads

Mah Sing Group. If you’re in the business scene, you’ve undoubtedly heard of this property and plastic mega company in Malaysia. The bigger a company grows, though, the harder it is to keep it running smoothly. The company recently unveiled its new branding across its website and social media page. It looks amazing. Now Cause […]

How To Improve Lead Acquisition On Facebook Ads- Malindo Air

You’ve undoubtedly heard of Malaysian-based Malindo Air. Offering plenty more than its low-cost competitors (personal tv, light snacks, free meal and LEGROOM), it has started its upward climb towards being a household name in Malaysia, and we can definitely understand why. Their Facebook ads definitely reminded us of their awesomeness, however, we feel that it […]

4 Ad Concepts That Could Boost HonestBee’s User Acquisition

Hey guys, today let’s check out a Facebook Ad by a company called HonestBee. HonestBee is a pretty cool service that helps you pick up and deliver your groceries (and now even your laundry) to you in 1 hour. They’re an amazing company that has progressed a lot in such a short amount of time. […]

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