Hey guys, today let’s check out a Facebook Ad by a company called HonestBee. HonestBee is a pretty cool service that helps you pick up and deliver your groceries (and now even your laundry) to you in 1 hour. They’re an amazing company that has progressed a lot in such a short amount of time.

However, over here at CauseEffect HQ, we saw their ad by accident on our Facebook feed and thought we could improve it somewhat.

Everybody’s got room to improve. So let’s begin with the ad critic. Don’t worry. It’ll be constructive.

Breakdown of the Current Ad

To start off with, we would say kudos to the ad designers for making the ad stand out.

The colour scheme does command your attention while you’re scrolling through the busy Facebook feed. It’s clear, uncluttered and simple. Now, onto the juicy bits.

Ad Teardown HonestBee

1. The Ad Status Bar

“Enjoy the same price as in-store and get same-day delivery on your favourite items.”

Imagine.. If someone walked up to you on the street and told you that, what would your reaction most likely be?

“Erm.. okay..”, “*silence*” or “Go away”?

Take your pick. It wouldn’t work physically. It definitely won’t work in social media where all the difficult competition is. It just doesn’t pique our interest enough to warrant us clicking on the ad.

  1. The Ad Image

While the image does make the ad stand out in a busy feed, the content of it is just.. Meh.

It doesn’t tell us any benefits of their service or show us that it solves a particular need of ours. All it does is highlight the 1-hour delivery and that it’s free. To put it simply, the image does not pack a punch.

  1. Pre-CTA Subject Line

Below the image, there’s a subject line. Here, we think they have a good CTA, which is giving RM10 for people to try their service out.

We think it could work better if they had piqued a user’s interest on the benefits of their service beforehand. Which could very well save them the 10 bucks.. and increase the effectiveness.

  1. Pre-CTA Body Text

The main points are stated here, but we think that it could be better if it was more simple, concise and straight to the point.

Same Day Delivery. Easy To Use. Truly Fresh Ingredients For Your Family.

That’s just one simple way of packaging the core of HonestBee’s service and attitude.

CauseEffect’s Proposed Experiments

So, here we propose 4 out of the thousands of experiments we would run for HonestBee (if they would give us the job, hint hint).

Do read the commentary on why we chose to run these ads as we would be putting some super important nuggets of information in there.

Variation_1 (1)

Alright. The FIRST one. So….. HonestBee’s perceived MAIN VALUE to us is that it helps us get our groceries delivered to our doorstep!

THIS IS SO F**KIN AWESOME! Imagine some of the alternatives.

This first ad shows me one of those. You know how parking in Malaysia is such a b*tch sometimes?

That’s what we all need to go through when we go buy stuff from the supermarket. This is what using HonestBee would definitely help us avoid!


Okay, this second experiment would be targeted towards mums.

Variation_2 (1)

Why? Of course, it’s mums. Women and mothers are known to be the primary decision makers at home.

Getting your groceries delivered is an absolute GODSEND to busy mums at home, especially working mums OR mums with multiple young kids. In the battle between convenience and cost, convenience with value wins every time!

So, appeal to this emotion and present HonestBee as the perfect solution for them to make their lives easier! They’ll snap up that opportunity in a jiffy!

Variation_3 (1)

Okay, this one definitely appeals to the lazy ass in me. Imagine getting home after work, tired, worn out, and it’s a really really hot night.

You find that your fridge is empty and you have nothing to drink or eat. And you feel super lazy to go out to buy stuff.

This would be where HonestBee could come in to save the day, doesn’t it?

Here we presented a problem and showed HonestBee as the solution. We make the brand relatable to the people viewing the ad.

There are times when you have wished for your fridge to refill on its own. Put a name and face to that wish. Make it HonestBee.

So here, we clearly use the Ad Status Bar and Ad Image to relive that experience for the potential user. And, using the Pre-CTA Subject Line and Body Text as sweeteners to encourage the potential user to take ACTION.

Variation_4 (1)

For this last one, I AM SURE IT APPEALS TO ALL OF US.

It doesn’t matter how tough you are, you won’t enjoy carrying a large bag of groceries to your car and then to your home. There was just never a solution before.

Appealing to this pain sends a powerful message to the potential user that their pain will be alleviated by using HonestBee.

More importantly, the Honestbee brand seems like it understands its users, making it easier to relate to.


Here are 4 angles that we thought within a couple of minutes, and we are sure we have thousands more in the bag. The HonestBee ad, though it certainly grabs attention, in our opinion, does not appeal to the emotions enough to warrant action. They might appreciate how good the ad looks like, but they will scroll by without clicking or signing up. This will result in a sub-optimum Click Through Rate and therefore sub-optimum business results.

We think HonestBee can do better. We’d like to see HonestBee maximise the impact of their Facebook ads. We’d also love to be a part of that change. So if this article piqued your attention HonestBee, do send us an email at [email protected] and let’s have a chat. We’d love a chance to grow together.

No hard feelings eh? Just trying to help 😉


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