If you ran a Facebook ad and managed to get $0.80 per lead, the next logical reasoning is to scale the money you set in the ad and expect a higher number of leads, right?

Wrong, because unfortunately, Facebook does not work that way. When you increase your budget, your impressions will rise, and your cost-per-action (CTA) will increase, bringing in more expensive leads.

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There is one way taught by Vince Reed, a 2008 mortgage crisis victim turned million-dollar internet marketing expert, on how to bring in valuable traffic and leads consistently to your business in just 3 steps. You can find out more about him here

Without further ado, let’s start!

  1. Run a likes campaign
Run a Facebook likes campaign.

Firstly, you would have to find 5-10 target audiences that may not have worked for you in the past but are potential target markets.

Now, this is the first part of the strategy, so split your ad budget equally among the 3 steps, since there are 3 parts to this strategy. So get the first budget-split to run a Likes campaign on Facebook.

Your ad copy can go somewhere along the lines of “Like to get updates on (your brand products/services)!”

Know that you must offer people something in return for liking your page, what do they get out of it, this will elicit more response to your campaign.

Here you create a relationship with people who have not heard of your brand before, people who are harder to convert in the first place.

The Likes campaign is a way to get them to say “yes” to something from you, to build that trust. With more trust, comes more purchases in the end.

  1. Run content campaigns to your fans

Now, this part focuses on your fans, people who have already “liked” your page or business. They are already familiar with your business, and they know about you.

Those people basically said, “Yes I want to receive information from you,” so you should help them see your content!

Your business content can be in the form of a post or video and be released at least once a week. That’s about four contents in a month. This is to ensure that you consistently deliver your brands’ information or products and services to them consistently. Use your second part of the budget here and split it equally among all content. 

However, make sure that the content you create is valuable and relevant as it helps build rapport with your fans and help attract people with useful information.

An example of relevant content is from the travel-booking site Expedia. They tie their content marketing with their blog “Out There Starts Hereand showcase amazing pictures of places and interesting events happening around the world paired with a curiosity-inducing copy.

Source: Facebook
Source: Facebook

Another example would be from Grammarly, the auto-correct grammar app that auto-proofreads your copy. One smart way of standing out is to create a funny and witty vocabulary. This is a great way to sell your product and position your brand.

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For more information on creating quality content on Facebook, read our article here.

By delivering relevant content to people who have liked your page, you are also warming yourself up to them, making them comfortable with your business. 

Hence, this brings us to…

  1. Run a lead generation campaign

This part is where you focus on generating leads. You do this by creating a custom audience of all the people that clicked on your content and watched your videos, and then you retarget them.

The purpose of this is to give people a lead magnet offer. You can retarget them with a content post that has a lead-box “opt-in” or use a Facebook capture page.

But do remember to offer something of value in exchange for opting-in because that is how you convert people who have not heard of your brand before. People are more likely to convert when they know what they are getting out of it as opposed to them purchasing from you freely. You need to give people an incentive for taking action on your campaign.

For example, AdEspresso offered a free ebook in exchange for the emails from the audience. In the end, they got 1,569 clicks on the Lead Ad Form, and 1,057 people completed the Lead Form. So a conversion rate of 67%.

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Similarly, you can also offer a first-timer’s discount for people to purchase your product and at the same time get their email address to build your subscriber’s list.

People who provide their information via the lead magnet offer will be more likely to purchase from you. This is because they already show that they are interested in getting products or services from your brand.

In Conclusion

Overall, this is Vince Reed’s 3-parts strategy for scaling traffic campaigns with Facebook. It is said to generate consistent and predictable results as you smoothly guide your business from one level to the next.

Do give it a try and see how it works wonders for your business. 🙂

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