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Post engagement is the main aim for so many brands on Facebook and with Facebook continually evolving such as the ban on “engagement bait“, some of us are not certain as to what we are doing is according to Facebook’s advertising policy and guideline. The recent ban has also frustrated marketers as to how to run giveaways on Facebook as most giveaway posts rely on “engagement bait” tactics. 

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Brands strive for post engagement on Facebook.

Not to worry, you’ve come to the right place!

Here we will explain to you ten tips you can use that are sure to improve your posts engagement and comply with Facebook’s advertising regulations! These tips may even inspire you to run giveaway posts on Facebook using different ideas and inspiration!

Let’s get started!

1. Ask Questions

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Ask a question.

People are compiled to answer you when you ask a question 99% of the time. Since Facebook is an engaging platform, it is logical to post a question and let your audience give you their thoughts. Most of the time, thought-provoking questions worked best as people are more likely to give their own opinions. 

For example:

  • “If I could go anywhere in the world, I’d go to ______________”
  • “Who are you cheering for in the upcoming finals/game?”
  • “What’s your favourite tool for increasing your productivity?”

You can also ask for their feedback and opinion about your business. This is important as you are also taking time to listen to what they have to say and what they want from your business.

2. Post Less
This tends to be a mistake for a lot of brands. We even have a few clients that did this, and their overall post engagement was poorly affected.


It’s about quality, not quantity. Buffer Social did this and saw their reach and engagement increase 3 times! 

Facebook emphasised that their News Feed algorithm would prioritise content that gives value and is relevant to the public. Now, brands would take advantage of Facebook as a platform to expose information to their audience. What they don’t know is that by doing so, your posts are going to be exposed less and less to your audience, and any subsequent post reach (even if the post is of quality) would be way lower.

3. Caption This
This is a great way to run as a mechanism for giveaways on Facebook. With the recent release of the “engagement bait” announcement from Facebook, posts that use “likes, shares, comments and tagging” will be penalised whereby their reach will be significantly lower.

Posting up a picture and asking for the most creative caption can be alternative to this!

Source: Post Planner

4. Post when your fans are online

You may have heard that posting time is equally important in ensuring you get the most exposure and engagement to your posts. One way to decide this is to go into “Insights” and click on “People”. On the dashboard, you will see a graph that shows the time when your fans are most active. This will give you a good gauge as to when to post.

Under “Insights” and under “Posts”, you get to see a graph like this that shows when your fans are most active.

There is no optimal guide as to which time is the best but with our clients, we realised that 5-6pm on weekdays and 12-1pm on weekends work best.

5. Focus on quality!
Yes, just like in point number 2, it is quality that matters most on Facebook. A few questions to guide before thinking of a post are:
– Would my fans react to this?
– Would I read or like this post?
– Is the headline attention-grabbing?

6. Do videos

Make videos that enable interaction and engagement.

With the feature of auto-play videos on Facebook, videos generate more reach as compared to other posts, and it is proven in Facebook’s algorithm. Even if it’s a simple slideshow on your page or a GIF, try them out to see the difference.

7. Go LIVE
Since the released of LIVE videos on Facebook, live videos rank higher than when they are not live and also as compared to even videos and other posts. They also reported that “people spend more than 3x more time watching a Facebook Live video on average compared to a video that’s no longer live.” 

Live videos can also be another way to run giveaways! Ask your audience questions or showcase the prizes via the live video, etc. There are many examples of how to run a Facebook Live Giveaway.

8. Share curated content
This may seem like the lazy way out into not putting effort into your post, but it works! Sharing content from other popular pages like Tasty, Business Insider, etc. on your page do bring up engagement rates! That is sharing content from a third-party.

You can also share content from your users! Especially if you have a following on Instagram or people have been tagging or checking in with your brand, this shows that you take note of what your audience think about your brand, thus increases brand loyalty.

Starbucks Malaysia does a great job at sharing user-curated content on the Facebook Page! This enables your fans to feel appreciated or noticed and their brand loyalty will definitely increase. 

9. Experiment with new content
With Facebook constantly changing, it is only fair for brands to test new concepts and contents constantly. Back then images work best for a post; now it is video or live videos that take the front seat.

By testing new content with your fans, you will eventually find out what sticks and what does not, and in the end, you may even find out what your audience exactly wants from your brand.

10. Boost your top post
When you boost your top performing post, it will reach an even wider audience with better engagement! This is another example of getting the most bang out of your buck!

So, there you have it. Top 10 proven strategies you can use to improve your post engagement. Give it a try and let us know which work best for your brand and why! 😉

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