Cause Effect loves to push our boundaries.

We usually look for Facebook ads we can improve. This time we thought we’d try something different!

We found a prominent business and we’re going to try to come up with a mock Facebook ad campaign for them.

This time, we’re going to make a mock ad campaign for Ko Skin Specialist!

Mock Client Analysis

Ko Skin Specialist is a clinic that was started by Dr Ko Chung Beng in 1997.

Their comprehensive list of services ranges from dermatology (skin care) to cosmetic surgery. The clinic is led by a team of extremely experienced and skilled doctors.

Let’s take a look at some of the things that make up their branding.

Their primary colour is navy blue. Pantone Number: 062657

These are how their products look like now:


Who Are Their Targets?

Judging from their website images, we can safely assume that their primary target are young female adults of all races.

How Do They Sound?

Their overall tone, as analysed from their website, blog and social media platforms, Ko Skin Specialist sounds formal.

The content seems to be focusing on building credibility for the clinic.

Now let’s make a mock Facebook Ad Campaign!

Ad Variation 1

When you provide dermatology and cosmetic surgery services, you have to be careful when it comes to marketing.

Say the wrong thing and the reputation of your business could crumble. Having said that, you need to stimulate desire without stepping on any toes.



“You stare up at your idols like they’re on a completely different level.”

Idolising celebrities are a common trait for any young adult.

You’re beautiful too. You just need to enhance your skin and keep it healthy to show it to the world!


“Stop Idolising. You’re Beautiful Too.”

The caption reminds you of your untapped potential. Your idols do not belong to the stars. They’re human just like you.

The girl hugging the television screen shows an unhealthy adoration. It’s bound to grab attention.

Link Headline

“Bring Out Your Inner Beauty”

The headline focuses on unleashing your hidden potential. You can be beautiful by just taking better care of your skin.

Link Description

If you want to change, you need to act. Start your journey to become the best you right now! Just click!

This segment is a strong call to action. Without making promises that mean nothing, this ad tells you to improve your skin and confidence.

Let’s take a look at the next one.

Ad Variation 2

Besides targeting young women, we decided to target elder women as well.

This next ad is our mockup for this concept.



“Your children need taking care of. Your house needs to be maintained. Look like the superhero you are and stop pushing away those outings with your friends.”

This ad tries to relate to tired mothers. It tells them they can be confident too. They can have an active life too.

It reminds them of a life they once had. This ad tells them they can be that person again.


The caption captures mothers immediately just by showing recognition.

The picture shows a stressed out woman who is busy doing work while taking care of her child.

It’s an image most mothers can empathise with.

Link Headline

A Housewife Can Be Active Too

This headline shows the potential and a possibility to be active socially and look how they used to.

Link Description

Here we used the mystery card to keep them intrigued to find out more. We dangled a bait in front of the customers so they will be interested in learning more about the services provided.

Ad Variation 3

Ageing is a difficult topic to talk about. We understand that. This is why we focused on the advantages of ageing as well to counterbalance the hard-sell messaging of the ad.

Let’s analyse this further.



All those imperfections are signs of your experience. Ageing comes with its own drawbacks but you have learned a lot from ageing.

Keep that experience you’ve learnt over the years. Keep the wisdom. Eliminate the wrinkles and tired skin with our services!


Here we used a picture of a woman concerned with how she looks.

The caption is a negative one. It’s important to stand out when you’re making an ad on a social media platform.

Link Headline

“Experience Shouldn’t Make You Look Old”

This caption draws your attention to the words “Look Old”.

We don’t say that the readers are old, but we are implying that you can look youthful and still be experienced as well.

Link Description

Bring back that confidence. You can get it back. All you need to do is click this ad. You can begin your journey to reclaim that lost confidence and youth.

Ad Variation 4

Now here’s a sensitive topic: makeup.

Here’s what came to our heads: true beauty doesn’t need makeup. Look amazing even when you don’t have it on with Ko Skin Specialist.



Makeup is used by everybody. While we know you can’t part with makeup, you can look amazing when you don’t have it on as well.

You are already beautiful. Get the confidence to show it off to the world!


“Makeup Looks Better With Great Skin”

We’ve all heard of the supposedly deceptive powers of makeup. We want to highlight that makeup shouldn’t hide who you are. It should enhance it.

Link Headline

Look Fantastic With/Without Makeup

Now, this is a possibility that some people do not consider. Great skin is not unreachable. With Ko Skin Solutions, this can be achieved. Look beautiful without the assistance of makeup.

Link Description

Be more confident and outgoing with amazing skin.

Sometimes certain physical aspects make you feel self-conscious. Improve your skin’s health. Feel more confident in your own skin. You can start by clicking on this ad to improve your confidence.

So there they are. The 4 ad variations that make up (not makeup) our Mock Facebook Ad Campaign for Ko Skin Solutions.


What did you think about that? Did you like our ads? Did you hate it?

Did you find our thoughts and tips helpful?

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It was just a way for us to exercise our creativity and our thinking to further improve how we manage our digital marketing efforts.

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