If you’re not sure what Photobook Worldwide does, their mission statement might explain it best:

“To make your moments unforgettable by sharing your best moments into unique, exquisite and personalised coffee-table books”

Photobook makes unique, exquisite and personalised coffee-table physical photo albums.

They are also one of the biggest Malaysian tech success stories. So, we are definitely taking a risk doing this.


As for their product, just take a look at that album. You can’t argue with that quality. It’s sexy. And it makes you feel like your memories will be safe and sound, ready to be adored, to be admired by people who view them.

We’re making a Photobook using this service as soon as this article is written.

However, we’re here to examine their Facebook Ads. A great product needs to be marketed right, right? 🙂

After taking a look at their ad, we think that we might be able to create variations that could increase the effectiveness (conversion rates) of their ads.

Let’s begin, shall we?

Checking Out Photobook Worldwide’s Ad

Cause Effect doesn’t believe in giving bad critiques just to look better.

Photobook Worldwide’s Facebook ad is actually quite good. We really love how they pulled at the reader’s emotions, reminding them of the memories that they might treasure. Plus, a clear 75% off voucher call to action to boot. Good job Photobook Worldwide’s marketing team!

Now, some of you might wonder, “wahh.. why 75% so much?”. But we believe that this will still be profitable for them. Why?

  1. What Photobook does as a business is basically turning paper into cherished memories that are high in margin. Thus, even after a 75% discount, it is at a minimum break even.
  2. But, what’s interesting is that Photobook uses a downloadable “Photobook creation” software for users to create Photobooks. We believe that there’s a little bit of learning curve to it. So, once a user downloads the software and learns how to use it to make use of the 75% discount, the likelihood of them creating the next Photobook and having repeat purchases is high. This means that the making the lifetime value is super duper high! Freaking genius.

The Groupon craze couple years back probably helped this behemoth grow significantly.

Ok, let’s see if we’re able to create some ad variations that could be better than their current ad.


Ad Status Message

As mentioned earlier, “Keep Your Memories Close To You” We think this message is spot on. This does a good job of making people recall their travel memories.

Including the CTA after that increases the desire to click immediately.


We love how the product is portrayed. Minimalist concept of design. There are two main issues, though.

The message talks more about solo travel. It doesn’t talk about family holidays while the image shows an album filled with children. There’s a big mismatch here.

The visuals work best to stimulate desire. You sacrifice the impact when there’s no continuity.

If I was sold on the travel message, show me how my pictures could look like.

It will definitely increase the chances of me clicking the ad.

The second issue is the focus of the ad. A 75% Discount is very appealing. Make sure people notice it!

Ad Headline

Cause Effect uses repetition too sometimes. Repeating information can be really good when done right.

In this case, we don’t think so.

“Up To 75% Off” should’ve been highlighted more in the image.

Adventures That Lasts Forever” is a catchy tagline. If this ad was consistent, it can be tweaked a little to make it work. Something like “Remember Your Adventures When You’re 70!” will be more effective.

Of course, we think that this could be tested in multiple ways.

Ad Description

Purchase the deal now and design your photo products within 3 months at your convenience. ”

The ad was quite good up to this point. This segment sucks the memories part out of the ad. We understand that Photobook is, after all, a business.

We highlighted several words here. Why?

Purchase. Deal. Products. This switches from a conversational tone to a business transaction. It doesn’t sound like Photobook Worldwide wants to make memories live forever anymore.

Design. 3 months. This could be a bad way to introduce a product to people. Wait. I have to do it myself? It will take 3 months?

Seems like this part of the ad adds friction (barriers to action) to the ad as a whole.

Ad Variation 1

Let’s take Photobook’s original ad and attempt to create a variation out of it.

We will try to make that concept work even without access to their amazing pictures and product photos. *slurps*



We started out letting the potential customers know what we do.

“We immortalise memories”. Not everybody who sees the ad will be familiar with what Photobook does.

“Take your pictures, upgrade them and make a beautiful photo album online with Photobook today!”

This statement also introduces the product.


Let’s see if you can guess what the image is about?

Travelling! This ad mainly focuses on young people who are interested in travelling.

So we made use of this.

We also made the 75% Discount pop out a little bit more. That should attract more attention now.

Link Headline

“Never Forget Those Amazing Memories”

Photos are now so easy to take. Young people take them for granted. This ad reminds them that it’s important to remember those memories.

How? Photobook, of course.

Link Description

Making your own album is a chore. (Pain Point)

Do it online and we’ll deliver it to you ASAP. (Added Value)

All you need to do is click here. (CTA)

Ad Variation 2


This ad also pushes the potential customers to think about the future.

It makes you imagine what you will value when you’re older. There’s something magical about the Photobooks that strengthens the bond between family members.


One day your grandson will ask you about your life.

You NEED something cool to show him. Don’t lose your memories and how you were when you were his age.

What do you need? Photobook of course.


See the smiles on the grandparent’s faces as they share and bond with the next generation.

That’s what Photobook Worldwide wants for their customers.

You (Potential Customer) can get that happiness at 75% Off!

Link Headline

“Store Beautiful Memories Beautifully”

Your memories are beautiful. It’s precious to us.

It deserves to be kept and displayed beautifully. It’s what your memories deserve.

Link Description

“What are you waiting for? You don’t even have to leave your desk. Click now! ”

You don’t even have to leave your desk. Preserve your memories beautifully with ease.

That’s a good incentive to click!

Let’s take a look at the next one.

Ad Variation 3

One of the things people usually remember about classic photo albums is how bulky and boring they were.

We wanted to try showing off Photobook Worldwide’s modern twist of the classic photo album.

So, this ad essentially tests out a new market. Let’s call them the minimalist hippies. They want everything to be minimal yet they value classic retro stuff.



Running out of space to keep your old photo albums? Get sexy, well designed and compact albums with Photobook!

To them, space is a concern.

Show off some of the product’s benefits in the message as well. Like the Photobooks being stylish and compact.


The image shows a bundle of old bulky albums behind the sexy modern Photobook.

Add a picture of a thankful person.

This image increases the perceived value of the product.

Ad Headline

“The Perfect Album For Your Memories!”

It’s saying that your memories are precious. It deserves this sexy and cool photo album.

Ad Description

Stop thinking. Get off that ass and act now!

That’s what it communicates to the potential customers.

Let’s check out the final variation!

Ad Variation 4

This one is a killer. People who value photo albums are people who are trying to hold on to memories. This impulse is strongest in new parents. This is a huge evergreen market that cannot be ignored.

Let’s see how we can target them.



We started this ad by reminding parents of the beautiful moments a parent can have with a baby. Capture these moments perfectly and remember it forever with Photobook Worldwide!

If it sounds like a hassle, you can do it all through your mobile phone! That’s so convenient!

Use the “message” segment to tap into people’s existing memories and motivations.


The images of cute babies will make any new parent stop to check it out. Use the photo album to the fullest potential!

Parents are always trying to get the best deal they can find. The 75% discount will look very appealing to the young parents.

Link Headline

“Traditional Memories With Digital Convenience”

Keep your baby’s photos beautifully easily.

Link Description

Sometimes you NEED a physical reminder of the good times. (Persuade them)

Click here to start. (CTA)


We want to hear what you think about our article. Let us know on Facebook so we can improve the quality of our content for you!

Photobook Worldwide provides a high-quality product to the masses.

The great thing about Photobook is that their product generates a lot of WOM (Word Of Mouth) Marketing.

One weakness PhotoBook Worldwide has is that their product has a high friction for first-time users.

This is why you need to add in strong reasons/motivations within the ads. It’s crucial for the business to succeed.

While their onboarding process is lacking, we have seen it improve over the years.

We would definitely love to catch up with the Photobook team in Malaysia if possible.

If not, we hope this article can help provide some value and input for your future ad creation guys.

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