Since its inception in 2013, Paktor is one of the world’s renowned dating app similar to its rival Tinder. Especially in Asia, Paktor rule supreme in being the go-to app for finding a match online.

To date, the Singapore-based app is hugely well-received in Thailand, Malaysia, Cambodia, Singapore, etc. So, if you are single or have a friend who is, ask them to try Paktor!

One huge factor of their success in Asia is the ability to match people according to their occupation and profession. Paktor CEO claims that they know Asians best and the Asian market which could explain the fact that they are dominating Asia as compared to Tinder.

We came across one of their ads while one of our colleagues was scrolling Facebook after liking their Page. It was an interesting take, but we figured we could improve it by optimising a few things.

Their Ads

From a glance, the whole ad looks okay. However, we felt that the copy could be improved because people who have never used Tinder might not understand the word “swiping”. Perhaps sentences like ‘Like, Match, Chat’ would make more sense to the general public. Again, it would be best to A/B test both copies to see which ad performs the best.

A/B testing can also be used in the variations of the visuals. Different types of girls’ (or guys’) image can be used for various market segments. Everyone’s cup of tea is different anyway. Perhaps Paktor can capture the audience’s attention emotionally, like changing the angle of the girl’s face, or maybe a full body shot should be shown, etc.

Since Paktor is widely-known in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam and Thailand, it would also be best if the ad is created in different languages to expand the reach to each nation. Disclaimer, we do not know if Paktor created ads in different languages, it is from our train of thoughts.

A sense of urgency can also be instilled in the ad, for example, “Stop waiting for your ideal man/woman. Go search for them now …” since CTA (call for action) works best when you ask for it.

Target Analysis
As for targeting we sat and spill out a few ideas on which target audience would be relevant to use Paktor:
(These are all honest and logical reasoning, we may be wrong)

– Males

  • Wanting not to be single too old (older demographic)
  • Young guys who want to date hot girls
  • Geeks who have no hope in dating
  • Guys who want to date smart girls
  • Guys who want to date girls with the same interest
  • Likes Romance movies
  • Those who are in a relationship but wants a fling? (A bit too honest and we are not encouraging disloyalty, but for the sake of data and improving Facebook ads, anything goes.)

– Females

  • Older rich guys
  • Soulmate through interests
  • Horoscope signs (especially)
  • Smart guys
  • Girls who like good looking guys

These ideas, in turn, led us to list down the targeting which can be used in Facebook ads:

  • Young Asian guys who like hot Asian female celebrities(760k potential audience)
  • Single College students (110k potential audience)
  • College Students who like K Drama/ K Celebrities (100,000 potential audience)
  • Older Businessmen who like popular Asian Drama/Celebrities (10,000 potential audience)

Suggestions For Different Ad Creatives
We differentiate five ads based on gender:

1. Ad Creatives for K-drama lovers

Korean drama has taken the world by storm since the last few years and in the US alone, the consumption of Korean drama is to 88.6% of females aged 16 – 25 years! It is also changing the worldview of Asia towards Korean, with Korean tourism increasing 9.2% in 2013. With the Hallyu wave on the rise, it is no brainer that females who watch Korean dramas aspire to become the female main character of the series and hope that one day they may find their Prince Charming. We may be wrong with this assumption, but it does not harm to A/B test your ads with your gut feeling.

2. Ad Creatives for Astrological Signs Believers

Most women magazines carry astrological pages, and these pages are not found in any Esquire or FHM magazine. Do a quick search on Google, and you see most topics on astrological signs are targeted towards female audiences. So it’s safe to say that females tend to read and believe in astrological signs more so than men, which in turn can be used to this advantage. Facebook allows you to target audiences based on their birthday months, so in this case, it is relevant.

1. Ad Creative for Basketball Enthusiasts

Here is an example of interest targeting. We decided to make an ad to target guys who love basketball since basketball is a common interest among a lot of young males.

2. Ad Creative for Urban Streetwear Lovers

Here we create an ad for people with niche interest such as urban streetwear. By showcasing an example of a girl’s profile with similar interest might spike up the engagement for people to try and use the app. We can target this ad based on age, gender, location and interest.

3. Ad Creative for Anime and Cosplay Lovers

This ad can be used towards guys who love anime and cosplay. This also can be targeted towards geeks and nerds who have other similar interest such as gaming.

In conclusion, these ads are just suggestions based off one ad we saw on Facebook. Paktor is free to use them, but if we were given a chance to work together and have more access to data, we’re sure to increase the download rates and lower the CPA (costs per acquisition). Know that at the end of the day, we are only here to help and grow together as a social media agency.

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