Kakitangan.com is one of the new breed of companies that targets old industries and upgrades them with digital automation. That’s how we like it at Cause Effect.

They target startups and SMEs to automate and make their HR (human resource) digital. Paperless.

“HR made simple – all your people, platforms and payrolls in one place.”

It’s a genius idea. Cause Effect wants Malaysia to move to the digital world as well. This is why we want Kakitangan.com to have a better presence on social media to increase their customer base.

We saw this next ad on their Facebook and thought we could suggest some improvements.

We hope we can help Kakitangan.com and other companies make smoother transitions to the digital age. If you want additional tips, let us know on our Facebook or send us an email!

Let’s get down to “brass tax”.

(We know it’s spelt brass tacks. Thanks to Victor Lau for pointing that out! Keep reading our articles, Victor.)

Main Ad Breakdown

The ad itself is not a bad one, but the content and design need to be optimised to have the impact it deserves from social media.

Kakitangan.com Original Facebook Ad
Kakitangan.com Original Facebook Ad

Let’s analyse this further.


Starting with facts is definitely a good thing. People want information that affects their lives and businesses.

How you do it is important, though. Journalists are paid big bucks to be able to write news to attract readers.

Your business needs to learn to do the same thing. Otherwise, your ad will be swallowed alive by the competition.

Excite your audience with that vital piece of information.


The image, though, has a lot of room for improvements. This image only communicates E-Form. There are a lot of unnecessary information in the copy, too.

“Kakitangan.com can generate your Borang E online, instantly.”

Do users only get the form? Is it already filled up?

How does that work?

Sounds suspicious.

Link Headline

“Dapatkan Borang E Anda Dalam Sekelip Mata”

Using two different languages in different areas on an ad is very confusing if you don’t do it right.

We understood why they used Borang E in the image. It’s more familiar to users.

Not only did they use a different language in the headline, it’s a direct translation of the image copy.

That’s a bad way to treat prime real estate.

Link Description

This is exactly what most businesses would place here. It’s informative, though it’s not what the readers need to know. Persuasive writing is needed here to push users to click on your ad.

We would like to suggest some strategies to Kakitangan.com so they can improve and accelerate Malaysia’s progress to go digital even further.

We’ve done this before. Make sure you check out our other articles and see how it helps you.

Everything that we’re about to present is based on research about best practices by experienced and successful agencies. It’s been adapted and tried in Malaysia and has been proven to work.

So, here we go!

Ad Variation 1

In this ad, we tried to focus on one of the pain points for startups and SMEs, PAPERWORK.

It’s a hassle. Nobody likes to do it. Startups would love to focus on growing their business instead of being bogged down by details.

How did we find this out? We talked to the startup founders and SME leaders.

This is what we came up with.



“You’ve got enough to deal with without worrying about your Form Es and etc. Focus on the things that really matter with Kakitangan.com and leave the hassle to us!”

We reverse engineered this from the customer’s pain points (the concerns of the target market)

You’re overworked. It’s difficult to focus on pushing the company forward if you keep getting tied down to paperwork. Forms. More forms.

Let us handle these pesky things and you can focus on doing what’s important for your business.


Images need to communicate fast. It’s not a bad idea to use humour in certain variations. Getting buried in paperwork can be shown literally.

You understand and respond immediately to it.

We even used the same copy as before.

Kakitangan.com can generate your Borang E online instantly.

Simplify. The brand name is already in the ad. Lesser words mean customers don’t have to read so much.

They process the ad faster. They make a decision faster.

Link Headline

Paperwork Got You Down?

If this is the first thing that caught your eye, you might just read on to find out the answer. Questions are very useful to attract attention.

Link Description

“Automate the small stuff with Kakitangan.com. Learn more and make management easier for you today!”

Same thing here. Simple and easy to absorb. There’s even a CTA there to give the reader the final push to click.

We’re not done yet. We need more options. When we send out multiple versions, you attract a larger group of people to the brand and product.

Let’s move to the next one, shall we?

Ad Variation 2

Before we continue, you might be wondering what possessed us to use the colour red in our ads.

This is another good tip. The Facebook page has a lot of blue in it. Placing something that contrasts blue makes your ad stand out.

In a 2008 colour study, the colour that got the brain cells most excited was red. That explains why it’s the most popular choice for branding for big brands.

kakitangan_VA3B (1)

This ad focuses on another pain point: hiring.

Interviews, training, salaries, increments and a thousand other things to worry about.

What if there was a way to automate HR? What if Kakitangan can take care of it for you?

Well, they can. Their ad is just not telling you that.

Well, we can fix that.


“Why would you need a HR Manager when you can automate the processes digitally? Forget the hiring and find out how Kakitangan.com can help you make your startup easier to manage.”

Like we said earlier, pain points. Talk about the things that matter to your readers.

Easier To Manage. Those are words a lot of people would pay to hear.


Stress At The Workplace. That’s what the image is saying.

Don’t deal with that anymore. Control it with a remote. Automate that process with Kakitangan.com.

We even placed an “Enquire Now” button as an added push to click. We have to see if it works, don’t we? A/B Testing.

Link Headline

“Don’t Sweat The Tedious Stuff”

Let Kakitangan.com handle it for you.

We didn’t use the word small. We used tedious. We didn’t want people to undervalue Kakitangan.com’s service. It’s an amazing service and deserves to be treated as such.

Link Description

“All you need to do to solve your problems is click here. What are you waiting for?”

This brands Kakitangan.com as a solution to the problems listed above.

Push them one last time to click the button.

Let’s move on.

Ad Variation 3

Sometimes it pays to pinpoint exactly who you’re targeting.

In this case, we’re looking at the key decision makers of a startup.

kakitangan_VA3C (1)

Let’s explain this one.


“You’re doing too many things for your startup! Delegate the messy paperwork to us so you can focus on taking your business to the top!”

This ad talks directly to the person reading it. Startups are famous for multitasking. One person handles multiple roles.

Let us take some of that load off your back. Appeal to the ambition in them.

Free up more time so you can focus on growth instead.


This is fairly close to how most startup founders see themselves.

Super efficient. Always multitasking.


Put them in a suit and make them seem successful. Play on that ambition.

Link Headline

Grow Your Business Faster.

Ambition again. How? Kakitangan.com.

Faster. Be successful. Get better.

Appeal to the base instincts of your target market.

Link Description

Last one, guys. You’re almost home.

Ad Variation 4

Sometimes it pays to show what happens when things go wrong. People understand problems. They feel understood.

This time we made a clear balance between problem and solution.

kakitangan_VA3D (1)


“Come on. Push those HR Manager resumes aside and let us handle it instead. You won’t have to worry about our attendance and professionalism. We’ve got your back, boss.”

This ad focuses on Kakitangan.com’s role as a good support. It communicates professionalism. We’ve got your back, boss.

Subservient (less important; subordinate) communication. Kakitangan.com is here to serve you and make life a lot easier.


There is a mess on the left side of the image. It’s clean on the right side. What’s in the middle? Kakitangan.com.

This image subtly communicates Kakitangan as the solution you need to have an organised business.

“Let’s help you go digital”

Digital is where success is.

It’s clean and it stands out.

Remember, image selection is very important.

Link Headline

Our System Does HR Faster

Straight to the point. It shows efficiency.

It’s a claim that challenges decision makers in startups. Be bold in your ads if you want to influence the innovators of today.

Link Description

“Click and find out everything you need to know about how your business can grow with Kakitangan.com

There’s the magic word. Click. Act.

Everything. That’s important. Click. Find. Everything. Business. Grow.

Use words strategically to influence and persuade.


These are our tips for Kakitangan.com.

We are amazed at what Kakitangan.com can do for businesses. These kinds of services go a long way in improving the business market in Malaysia.

We have a lot more tricks in our bag, but we can’t afford to give everything away can we?

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Better yet, subscribe to our blog. You can share our articles with your friends and bosses.

We hope Kakitangan.com won’t be offended by this article.

We’re only trying to help. In fact, we would love to help you out even more.

We hope you can get in touch. Together we can do so much more.

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