When your FB Ads are getting a lot of reach but you’re getting little conversions, what do you do?


  1. Reach

    Reach is basically the number of people your ad’s been shown to.
  2. It isn’t necessarily the best metric to identify that your target audience is right and it doesn’t mean guaranteed conversions.
  3. To make sure your ad generates many conversions while it also reaches a lot of people, you need to take these metrics into consideration:
  4. Unique CTR

  5. Unique CTR or Unique Click-Through Rate is the number of people who clicked your ad and performed a specific action. The higher your unique CTR, that means your ad is doing well as it is relevant to the audience you are targeting.
  6. Conversion Rate

    The number of conversions(results) divided by the number of unique link clicks on the ad. If your conversion rate is low, that means there is something wrong with your ad creative in terms of ad copy and design. Make sure your ad creative is relevant to your target audience.

Even if your ad has a high number of reach, it doesn’t guarantee high conversions because you never know if your ad is relevant to your target audience or not. You need to look at your Unique CTR and Conversion Rate to make sure that your ad is relevant to the target audience.

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