Dahmakan is a healthy meal delivery service which uses fresh ingredients to create freshly cooked meals daily for its customers. They position themselves as a healthy food delivery service which can be ordered in 3 simple steps, targeted at health-conscious eaters. It’s reasonably priced among other healthily cooked food delivery services.

BUT, the ads aren’t delicious enough to make us want to click on them.

If dahmakan wants to stand out among the rest of its competitors, their ads really need to be strong in terms of copy and design. This is to ensure that they send the intended message.

Let’s take a look at each ad and scrutinize their good and bad points. After that, we’ll look at how we can improve them and come up with our own created ads to compare with dahmakan’s current ads.

Lastly, we’ll discuss what audiences we can target with these ads in order to make them more likely to convert customers over to dahmakan.

dahmakan ad 1

What’s nice:

  • The red background grabs our eyes’ attention while scrolling down our news feed.
  • With Facebook’s news feed being mainly blue, having a red background makes the ad stand out more in contrast to the bluish theme of Facebook.
  • The overall image is clean & simple, though it doesn’t do much to make us want to click it.

What could be bad:

  • The red background may stand out, but we think it isn’t enough to entice us to click it.
  • We get that using ‘Not just for Crazy Rich Asians’ is cheeky & hilarious, and their message is that it’s also for the middle-income earners. But, they could have added more information into the copy to get us more interested.
  • The headline’s ‘Kuala Lumpur’s Food Delivery App’ doesn’t really grab our attention. Normally, headlines are used to attract the audience’s eyes immediately with a few words that are interesting, like offering something FREE, or possibly a discount. But with this headline, it doesn’t really increase the likelihood of it getting clicked.
  • The dahmakan logo looks like it isn’t aligned properly. Making it aligned with the “RM14” text can make the design look cleaner and more well thought out.

How to Improve:

  • It looks like could be a retarget ad, as the call to action (CTA) in the ad is ‘Use App’.  This means it’s most likely aimed at users who have ordered food before in the app.
  • We think the ad should mention their 5-star chefs either in the visuals or the ad copy. This can be a crucial key point that sets dahmakan apart from its competitors.
  • We suggest including some healthy benefits of this dish that they’re promoting. Listing some nutritional facts of this dish can get the attention of health-conscious eaters who are on a lookout for healthy meals.

Our take:

With all the points mentioned in the ‘how to improve’ part, here’s our own take on how they could’ve presented the ad:

Notice how our ad presents more interesting information in the ad copy. This is more likely to make the audience want to order the dish.

An ad with nutritional info on their featured dish can also attract audiences who have a busy lifestyle and not enough time to prep their meals.

dahmakan ad 2

What’s good:

  • A photo of a group of friends eating conveniently with healthy cooked meals. What’s not to love?
  • The headline here is much better than the one in the 1st ad. Mentioning the daily specials does make us want to click and see what offers dahmakan has.

What’s bad:

  • Again, we feel like the ad copy isn’t fully utilized here. If you want to stick to 1 sentence in the ad copy, your visuals and headline need to have their own strong points in order to attract the audience.
  • The food is supposed to be the star at dahmakan, but it doesn’t seem to be the focus of the image. We understand that it’s trying to show that people are enjoying the delivered food and express the idea that it’s convenient to order something healthy rather than prepping & cooking. However, we feel that this could be done in a more effective way that also highlights the food, making it more enticing for potential customers.

How to improve:

  • A different & more interesting angle of the picture could be used instead while still emphasizing the food, which should be the main focus.
  • Perhaps improve the copy of: ‘Connect with friends during dinner and enjoy your evening together’. A possible alternative would be “Join your friends for a healthy & convenient dinner.” This sounds shorter and sweeter while still delivering the same message.
  • Another important thing to convey in the copy is the idea that you don’t need to worry about eating too many calories or devouring something unhealthy.
  • Again, dahmakan should mention that their food is made by a 5-Star chef.

Our take:

Here’s our version of the ad. Now, you can how the food looks as it’s delivered! Sure, the image may not have as many people in it, but with this image, you get that sweet intimate feeling of eating deliciously made healthy food with someone you know, or even someone you like!

Go out there and ask that person you like in the office if he/she wants to join you for some healthy, convenient takeaway, courtesy of dahmakan!

dahmakan ad 3

What’s good:

  • Showcasing a variety of dishes in a carousel format gives us a great idea of what kind of food dahmakan makes.
  • Oh, and everything looks really delicious!

What’s bad:

  • The food images do most of the talking. But, the audience may be a little confused as to what to do next.
  • Since this is an app install ad. A little bit more of information to guide the audience towards ordering would be very effective.

How to improve:

  • Overall, this ad is interesting, but lacking on the ad copy side.
  • There’s nothing written except for the name of the dishes, which is really cool, but it could make better use of the ad copy space available.
  • Perhaps they could insert something like: “Have you checked out our FREE app yet? Download now and choose your healthy meal!”

Our take:

Here’s our version of the app install ad. With this, the audience is more likely to know what they’re looking at while still being presented with some awesome pictures of dahmakan’s dishes. Generally, when it comes to Facebook ads, people tend to read the ad copy first before they see the ‘Install Now’ CTA.

This format beats the previous ad which doesn’t really mention anything besides just showcasing their awesomely photographed dishes. The previous ad may have been effective in capturing the attention of hungry customers, but this is an improvement since it guides potential customers toward installing the app by briefly expressing dahmakan’s service and function as a company.

This ad can be targeted at people who don’t have the time to go out and look for healthy food choices during lunch or dinner.

Target Audience:

With the ads that we’ve created, what possible audiences on Facebook could we show them to? Which ones would be most likely to be converted to become dahmakan’s customers?

Let’s take a look.

Audience 1

Gym goers

If you live in the city, it’s very likely that you know gym goers who are on strict diets, or at least conscious of what they feed themselves with.  In most cases, a lot of them don’t have the time to prepare healthy meals for the week in advance. This could be due to a busy lifestyle or even laziness.

Think about an ad that tells the audience they can eat healthy without the hassle of preparing the meals themselves. Finding out that they could order healthy food easily with the dahmakan app would definitely get this audience interested.

Audience 2

Lookalike audience of dahmakan app users

What is an app lookalike audience? Simply put, it’s a group of people on Facebook who have the same characteristics as Facebook users who have used the dahmakan app before. 

This means that this ‘lookalike’ audience is more likely to purchase from dahmakan, compared to the aforementioned “gym goers” audience.

So, how does this work?

First, we collect a list of dahmakan’s customers (min. 100 emails) and upload them into the ‘make a custom audience’ section.

Once that’s done, with that custom audience, we will create a lookalike audience with that custom audience of 100 emails. In the ‘source’ column, look for the custom audience that you just made. Next, choose your desired audience size in the ‘Audience Size’ column. 1% is people on Facebook who are the most similar to your source audience (the custom audience you just created), whereas 10% is those who are less similar to your source audience.

With this, Facebook’s algorithm will help us find other people on Facebook who demonstrate the same behaviour as the 100 people in this email list. 

Audience 3

dahmakan’s website visitors

By installing a Facebook pixel in dahmakan’s website, we can track how many people have visited each page on their site. From there, we can re-target these visitors with ads that have better offers/special deals.

We can see that dahmakan already has a Facebook pixel installed, so we hope they’re making good use of it!


Here at CE, we genuinely want dahmakan’s advertising campaign to thrive. We’re big fans of them here at the office because we’ve ordered from them before and their food is amazing!

We hope that with this case study, dahmakan is able to understand how they can improve with their future ads and take full advantage of their Facebook advertising.

Or, they could just focus on making their superbly delicious meals while leaving the advertising to us.

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