Mah Sing Group. If you’re in the business scene, you’ve undoubtedly heard of this property and plastic mega company in Malaysia.

The bigger a company grows, though, the harder it is to keep it running smoothly.

The company recently unveiled its new branding across its website and social media page.

It looks amazing. Now Cause Effect wants Mah Sing Group to look at the content that they’re producing.

We found one of their Facebook ads roaming around our News Feed (we’re into property too!) and we thought it could definitely be upgraded to fit in with Mah Sing’s upgraded branding as well.

It’s what we do here. If you like this kind of content, check out our other articles here.

So here it is. An ad teardown of the Mah Sing Group.

Ad Teardown

Mah-Sing Ad-Teardown

All in all, it’s a simply designed ad with good taste. Good looking ads doesn’t always mean the best thing for Facebook, though.

Ad Status Bar

It seemed like there were problems deciding whether it’s a party or a sales event. That definitely shows in the ad.

As a reader, I was confused by the invitation and felt cheated when I clicked on the link. The invitation does not tell me what I need to know. I don’t feel as if I’ve been persuaded to go to the event.

Ad Image

The typical image of pouring wine into a glass just tells me there will be drinks. Will it be sponsored? Who else is going to be there? What’s the dress code?

Would I really make my way to a party because there will be drinks?

We think there’s room for a lot of supportive persuasive information here.

Pre-CTA Headline

If you’ve read our articles before (check here), you will notice that it’s common practice not to make good use of this space.

To place the date and time here is a prime example of that. If somebody was interested in going to the event, they would look for this information.

The focus should be on persuading them to be interested!

Pre-CTA Body

A call to action can be a cliched statement that makes no impact. It could also be paired with a final persuasive statement to spice it up!

The ad could’ve been structured so much better. That would make their event an even bigger success.

Now that we’re done with the critique, let’s see how we can make this Mah Sing ad even better.

We’re going to present 4 variations of the ad to maximise the impact of the ad to different target markets.

Let’s start with Numero Uno!

Variation 1

Now, let’s see if you can notice why we optimised it this way.

We’re aiming for this ad to connect to the people looking at this ad.


Ad Status Bar

“Looking for a good time, amazing conversations with professionals and a hot property deal? Come on over and let us pour you a glass at D’sara Sentral, the hot new property in the, yes, centre of Damansara. You’re going to have a blast!”

Let’s compare that to the previous one. This time we’re talking about a professional mingling party to discuss a HOT property deal.

That makes the ad’s purpose clear. We focused on the party but stated Mah Sing’s intention clearly.

There’s the product name as well so people can do a bit of research before clicking or attending the event. Create hype when you’re looking to promote an event!

Ad Image

A wine image might push away some attendees, so we decided to focus on the entertainment and socialising element of the Mingling Night.

Instead of just having the event name, the ad contains the date and time as well within the 20% rule.

Pre-CTA Headline

“Amazing Party. Wonderful Crowd. Irresistible Property”

Having fun, socialising with people, networking for business and property discussion summarised into 6 words.

Now that’s being persuasive.

Pre-CTA Body

“Make some time for us. You won’t regret it!”

If it was a choice between the typical “act now” or this one as a final call to action, which would you choose?

The main difference is that this one aims to be persuasive in image selection, writing and strategy.

This is not the first time we’ll remind you and it definitely won’t be the last.

A/B Testing.

Same ad. same messaging. Different targets. Different goals.

It’s certainly harder to execute, but well worth the effort.

That sets up variation 2 nicely.

Variation 2

The next three variations are tricky. The top half of the ad focuses on the product being sold. The image balances product benefits (catered to target) and the introductory event. The bottom half focuses on the event itself.

For this ad, this variation’s target will definitely be obvious to you.

Young Families.


Ad Status Bar

“Bring your family closer than ever when you live at D’sara Sentral! We provide you top class facilities like a family spa, floating gym and Picnic Zen Garden for quality bonding time with the family”

People are motivated by different things when it comes to home purchase. For some, that motivation is family. A young family will see the many facilities provided at D’Sara Sentral as a big plus when they’re considering their first home.

We analysed the facilities and chose the ones with the most value to young families.


When you’re targeting young families and married couples, it’s crucial to allow them to imagine themselves in the picture.

The image still reminds them of the event, but it is backed up by a family enjoying their time at the swimming pool.

Pre-CTA Headline

“Relax At The Wine & Dine Mingling Night”

Relax. Why that word?

Families have a different priority compared to singles. Through this segment, we try to encourage them to come over and relax by having time away from the kids.

Pre-CTA Body

The final bit simply realigns its focus on the event and ties it with the overall messaging of the ad.

Now it’s time to get even more creative with the third variation.

Variation 3

Let’s make the prospects focus on the property. Let them imagine what it will feel like to live there.

That’s where this variation comes in.


This ad plays on one of the biggest weaknesses of Malaysians. Shopping.

Let’s look deeper.

Ad Status Bar
“Want a place with amazing outlets at home AND near all your favourite malls too? Shop till you’re content when you move to D’Sara Sentral. Come and find out more on the 3rd of March from 8 pm to 11 pm. Sign up now while there are seats!”

Shopping is easily one of every Malaysian’s favourite pastime.

Why not excite that passion and use it in your marketing content?

Happiness and shopping. In this image, we tried to communicate convenience by placing them next to each other.

The event details are still in the image, though. It’s there to remind the readers that the event is where they can find out about the property.

Pre-CTA Headline
“Enjoy Yourself At The Wine & Dine Mingling Night”

The main focus here is the word “Enjoy yourself”. It targets impulsive people really well. This copy specifically talks to shopaholics with language designed to excite them.

Pre-CTA Body

“What are you waiting for? Sign up and let’s talk about your new favourite home!”

The call to action asks the readers to imagine themselves living at D’Sara Sentral to stimulate a greater desire to purchase.

Now let’s look at the final variation.

Variation 4

This ad focuses on the ambitions and desires of the young adults.

The market research shows that their priorities differ significantly compared to other market segments.

So this is what we came up with.


This ad targets the desire to be healthy and live an active life in young adults.

Let’s get right to it.

Ad Status Bar

“You want to live an active life. Everything begins at home. With cool facilities like a floating gym, spa and a zen garden, live at D’Sara Sentral to transform to the person you’ve always wanted to be!”

There it is. Pair the facilities available to an emotion and the ambition to grow.

This copy takes the source (facilities) and shows you what you can achieve through it.


That’s not even close to being enough, though. We utilised two additional secrets here.

The first is to show the level of fitness you can achieve by having a home with better facilities.

The second one is of course… romance!

Since that is the prime motivation for being healthy and looking fit, we decided to add another subtle poke to stimulate desire even further.

Pre-CTA Headline

“Socialise At The Wine & Dine Mingling Night”

This headline focuses on the word socialise, targeting young adults looking for an enriching experience. That one word increases the value of the event significantly to the target.

Pre-CTA Body
“Find out about the hot new property in Damansara and let’s talk about your dream home!”

This call to action makes D’Sara Sentral into a dream home in the minds of the readers.


See what you can do with one event? Just by optimising the copy and design, the ads can take on different shapes and purposes. It can focus on the product and the event in many different ways.

We hope we were able to help you learn how to create facebook ads that generate a higher impact on lead generation, event attendance and sales.

We also hope that the Mah Sing Group takes this article constructively. We know they have the potential to generate a lot more conversions with their Facebook ads. We are also hoping to be a part of that success.

So, we’re hoping to hear from you guys at Mah Sing Group. Cause Effect wants to help take your business into the digital age to generate even more success!

Shoot us an email at [email protected] and let’s have a chat about it soon.

Hope you enjoyed the article!

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