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Cause Effect is a multi-disciplinary team of highly qualified professionals. Each team member has their own extensive list of experiences and accomplishments to bring to the table, making Cause Effect the unique and progressive agency that it is.

KEAT Managing Director

The director and majority shareholder of Cause Effect. Keat is a born entrepreneur who is constantly pushing the envelope for success and innovation at Cause Effect. He first established himself as an immense success in the financial industry with Hong Leong Assurance before going on to start several businesses ranging from financial services to F&B, which eventually lead him to develop Cause Effect into the progressive, envelope pushing agency that it is today.
Keat serves as a digital strategist at Cause Effect, formulating analysis and marketing strategy for clients, constantly seeking ways for businesses to make the absolute most out of their assets.

JOHNSON Head of Operations

Hailing from the tech start-up scene, Johnson made his name through a number of successful projects, including the development of the biggest reading application in Malaysia which reached over 800,000 readers and was valued at a whopping RM 10 million, while raising RM 3 million worth of investments in the process.
As the head of operations at Cause Effect, Johnson uses his extensive knowledge of performance marketing and consumer engagement to craft and execute tailor made strategies for clients to reach entirely new dimensions of success for their business.

SHENG Head of Strategic Planning

Since his early days working in finance, Sheng has gathered a vast bank of experience and knowledge of various aspects of the business world which he utilises as the head of strategic planning at Cause Effect.
Sheng’s expertise in the areas of business development, strategic planning and digital marketing allow him to identify the needs of different businesses and come up with strategies that are perfectly suited for each individual client to take their consumer engagement and revenues to the next level.

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