What Is Remarketing? It Can Make Or Break your Business!

April 5, 2017June 21st, 2020 No Comments Written By: Cause Effect

We have a problem with this one phrase: One-Size-Fits-All.

For marketing, those days are long gone.

Customers have higher expectations these days.

Technology allows for better targeting and more cost efficient marketing tactics.

If your marketing is easy, you’re definitely doing it wrong.

Digital Marketing tactics change based on the platform. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, website and blogs.

Each platform has its primary set of audience, limits, strengths and weaknesses.


What Is Remarketing?


“Remarketing is a clever way to connect with your lost customers*.

*They’ve been to your website. They looked at some products. They didn’t complete the transaction.

You can take those products and REINTRODUCE it to these customers. ”


Remarketing is available across multiple platforms.

You have 5000 people who looked at an iPhone 7 on your website.

30% bought the phone.

Create an ad to target the 70% you missed.

Communicate the original product better.

New promotion. Better explanation. Persuade them.


Remarketing Is Bad For Your Business

We don’t mean to scare you. It can be really bad for your business, though.


Here’s a list.


You’ll Be Annoying

They weren’t interested the first time. Showing them a product that no longer interests them might just scare your customers away. It might even hurt your brand.

Banner Ads

If you’re spamming the same remarketing ad to your potential customers across different platforms, they will develop ‘Banner Blindness”. Even worse, they’ll blame you for it.

Bad Habit

Sometimes success gets to your head. Remarketing is not marketing. You should focus your main resources on your marketing. Optimise your marketing tactics and recapture lost audience with remarketing. It’s a temporary fix.

Remarketing should be used intelligently. It should also be used sparingly.

Here’s something marketers love to do: Make One Ad & Spam It. Share an ad you didn’t put any effort it and blast it everywhere.

It’s not even ads. It’s just the pictures of the products. Just use the picture of the product and insert the product name.

You can use the most advanced technology. You can have the best product. The function of an advertisement is to persuade the customer to buy. Don’t be lazy.


Remarketing Is Amazing When Done Right

Having said all that remarketing work wonders for your business.

What are the benefits of doing a proper remarketing campaign?

Here are some of them.

Improve Brand Recall

Remarketing is a good way to remind your lost customers that you still exist and is going strong. It also reminds users about the original appeal of the product they viewed.

Improve Conversion

Depending on the ad, remarketing can be important in bringing back those lost customers back to your sales funnel. It can also act as a final trigger to complete a sale.

Amazing Targeting

Who are you targeting right now? Doing this lets you market to people who are already interested. The same data can also be used  for your regular ad targeting as well.

Improves Relevancy

If you do it right, remarketing ads can be very relevant. If your lost customers left from a 50% discounted product, persuade the customer by talking about your after-sale service.

Don’t Waste Customers

A business can lose a lot of customers along their sales funnel for various reasons. Reduce wastage and mistakes with a remarketing campaign while you learn from your mistakes.

Remarketing is a new genre of marketing. As with all mediums and technology, the pros, cons and possibilities need to be learnt before adapting it into a tactic.


Best Practices

We’ll make it easier for you. Here are some of the things you need to remember when doing a remarketing campaign.

If you’re considering remarketing, make sure you follow these guidelines to increase the chances of success and maximised impact.

Design Your Ads Right

A remarketing ad is still an ad. Design different remarketing ads to target different markets. Optimise the ad to work with the benefits of each platform and channel.

Change Your Angle

Your lost customers didn’t complete the purchase for a reason. Take note of that and make sure you reintroduce your product or brand in a different way. Don’t be lazy and repeat the same message.

Learn From Your Mistakes

Remarketing is not a substitute to marketing. Make sure that you identify the reasons why you need to do remarketing and reduce the number of lost customers in the future.

Include The Right People

If you’re looking to remarket to people who have left a few pages, make sure their reasons for leaving does not clash. A remarketing campaign that fails can backfire against the brand.

Exclude The Wrong People

Make sure not to try to exclude people who are not relevant. Even if it makes your target smaller, it’s worth it. Targeting a wide range might turn off some users who are already customers.


There you are.

Cause Effect believes in using the most current tactics, technology and platforms available in marketing.

We also believe in learning about them before using them.

If you don’t, it might just hurt your brand and reduce the efficiency of future marketing efforts.

That’s the opposite of what you want to achieve in marketing.

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