The Rising Power that is Voice Search

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Some might say that Voice Search is the next big thing, but… no. It’s already here.

Before we dive deeper into this not-so-brand-new world of voice searching, let us address the elephant in the room—searching with your voice is 3.7x faster than typing. Faster searches lead to faster answers, and with the fast-paced society that the world is trying so hard to achieve in this modern day and age, no one likes waiting anymore. So does it really surprise you that people are choosing their voice over a keyboard?

Contrary to popular belief, voice search isn’t just a feature on mobile phones. This feature is available on desktop computers and even smart speakers that come with the popular virtual assistant named Alexa. If you are a Google Home or Amazon Echo owner, then you’re most probably used to voice searching already. Another popular virtual assistant would be Siri, which is available in Apple products.

Why waste time typing out a question on a search engine when you can simply say “Hey, Siri” and ask it instead, right?

It is clear that voice search has been around for quite a while, taking over the digital world one voice at a time, and it’s affecting SEO.

How Voice Search Affects SEO


You might be familiar with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and the keyword research that becomes the backbone of the programme itself. However, when it comes to voice search, there is no specific pattern in the way a person searches for certain keywords. Different people have different ways of searching for the answer that they want. The what, when, and how come into play for every single voice search that occurs.

  • How People Search

Without a doubt, when a person searches using their voice, the keywords tend to be longer and more conversational compared to the words one would typically type out. Have you ever heard anyone asking Siri to find something for them in a staccato, computer-like language? Of course not. You would talk to these virtual assistants the way you do with another human being, and that is less computer-like and more conversational at best.

For instance, if you were to search how to make dalgona coffee on a regular search engine, you would probably type out these words:

Dalgona coffee tutorial

But when you’re asking using your own voice, a more natural human language will apply to the sentence, making it longer:

Alexa, how do you make dalgona coffee at home?

The changes in these sentences alone show just how much impact voice searching has on the way keyword research is done with SEO. Unlike the first given example, the voice search query is less concise and contains a complete sentence as opposed to just the keywords. Therefore the keyword research for a voice search is definitely different from that of the regular ways one would monetise their SEO.

  • Where People Search


Due to the convenience of voice search, it is being used in more places than regular search. Google reports that “___ near me now” searches have increased over 150% in the past few years, and these searches are happening in places that you might not even expect.

There are more people using the voice search feature in public places such as a restaurant and a gym compared to the ones using it at home. After all, it is way easier for you to whip out your phone and begin speaking to it to get your answers immediately compared to opening a search engine app and having to type your question in.

If you are running out of gas on the highway and require the location of the nearest gas station without endangering yourself by taking your eyes off the road, then voice search would be the most convenient choice for you at the moment. Instead of having to type out a query with one hand, you could simply speak and ask for the nearest gas station in the area.

Once again, the query that you verbally ask will be way different from the words you would normally type out on a regular search engine.

  • How People Get Search Results

It seems that, with the amount of information Google is giving without having a person type into its search engine, the platform is slowly turning into an answer engine instead. The number of organic clicks on Google searches has significantly decreased over time due to the answer being displayed instantly on the first page without the need for a user to click on other sites.

The same answer-focused technology as seen in the image above is being used by Google to answer the questions asked through voice search. Whenever you ask something, you don’t need to go through ten different sites just to find the precise answer. The virtual assistant will be reading the exact answer back to you within seconds!

Unless you’re using the voice search feature on the Google app itself, then you’ll get ten blue links ready to be clicked on the screen just the same, but this occurs less commonly now than you think. Even if you find the ten links staring at you, Google would still read the featured snippet aloud for you. So, win-win situation, huh?

For you, maybe, but not for SEO.

In this situation, you will need to give people a direct answer to their questions. Sure, it will be harder to get your content on people’s screens now that voice search is on the rise towards claiming the title of the higher power. But technology continues to evolve with each passing day, and it’s time for you to take your business to the next level too.



As mentioned prior, the voice searching world is becoming a pioneering piece of a digital development which allows people to communicate faster. Although voice search changes the way keyword research works for SEO, it is something that businesses must take into account when analysing their SEO and learn how to make it work for their brands. With voice search, people can browse through content quickly and interact with your business through the power of their voice. So, why not use it to your brand’s advantage?

After all, digital marketing in social media is not the only vital part when it comes to optimising your brand in the online world. Here at Cause Effect Digital, one of the best digital marketing agencies in Malaysia, we are always happy to assist our clients in making the essential changes that your business needs. Contact us today to take your online presence to the next level.

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