The Importance of Meta Descriptions for SEO

July 13, 2022September 19th, 2022 No Comments Written By: Cause Effect Digital


Every time you open a search engine and begin typing in specific keywords to get the results that you want, you will see said results appearing with a brief description beneath the main title to give you a glimpse into the content. That is what we call a meta description, an attribute of HTML which is commonly used in the results page of search engines.

These short paragraphs bearing general descriptions for a given page play an important role in SEO. It has to accurately describe the content in order for users and Googlebot to comprehend what the content of the website is actually about. It works the way you would read a title and a summary of a book; the meta title allows you to get an insight on the content’s main subject, and the meta description helps you to clearly understand what the content is about.

As one of the agencies for digital marketing, we will share with you the importance of meta descriptions for SEO and how exactly to write a good one so that they can help boost your website’s content for your audience to see.

A Short Paragraph of Great Opportunity


Meta description plays a critical part in making the user experiences, and not simply for the Google index. It provides a great opportunity for the advertising of the brand and website quality to the user. So if you can explain your content in a compelling way within the short paragraph that is a meta description, then you can definitely grab their attention and lead them to choose your website as the result of their inquiry.

Even better, you can reduce the cost of outdoor advertising once you’ve grasped what your target audience wants and provide them with precise answers.

Focus on the main topic of your content in order to attract users to your website on the search results page through a good meta description. It also helps them to click on social ads or other websites apart from increasing your website’s visitors. Besides, when you optimise a good and interesting meta description for your website, it helps build the content quality on the site for your visitors. Your click-through rate on the search results page might also increase.

How to Write a Good Meta Description

  1. Use keywords

When you research the keywords that your audience uses when typing an enquiry in a search engine, you’ll be able to use those keywords in your meta description as well as your content in order to increase its clickability. This way you’ll know exactly what your audience looks for and you can improve your website content to meet their needs.

  1. Use the optimal length

The inclusion of keywords in your meta description should be in an appropriate amount so you can utilise the remaining number of characters to create a description that is appealing to your potential audience. If it doesn’t grab their attention, how do you expect them to click it? In order for your meta description to appear fully on Google, you need to keep in mind that it has to be around 150  to 160 characters long.

  1. Avoid duplication

Meta descriptions vary according to the content they are written for, so each content has its own unique set of title and description to describe precisely what the message it’s trying to get across is. If you duplicate it for different content, your user experience will decrease. After all, searchers wouldn’t appreciate it if they read about a certain topic in the meta description only to find out that the content itself is not relevant.

Now that you know how to write a proper meta description, let us take a look at a few of its benefits.

  • With concise descriptions of a website on the search engine results page (SERP), your click-through rate can increase.
  • Your website will be able to get ranked faster because of the click-through rate over time, garnering more and more visitors.
  • Users will be delighted courtesy of the user-friendly interface of your website on the SERPs. This will also ease their work in finding the right answers to their questions.
  • A meta description that consists of relevant keywords is able to boost the ranking of your website because it is what your audience is actively searching for.
  • Assists users in promptly choosing the most appropriate website from the search results.
  • Boosts up the number of leads on your website due to the increased number of visitors.

Bottom Line


Convincing your visitors and increasing your website’s traffic and click-through rates are a few of the myriad advantages that come with adding a meta description to your site’s content. It is no less than artwork, and you will have to hold the brush that paints the success of your business.

Want to learn more about SEO optimisation and how to use meta descriptions to their fullest abilities? Cause Effect Digital is here to help. We are one of the best digital marketing agencies in Malaysia, and we are prepared to assist you in growing your business on the online market through various opportunities just like the use of meta descriptions and SEO.

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