What do we aim for?

At Cause Effect, we aim for substance and effectiveness without having to compromise on style or visual quality. Our digital assets look great and perform just as well because of the meticulous research and planning behind our in-depth strategies developed for each client. Here’s how we do it.

Fact-finding Process

Any good digital strategy has to be based on accurate research to ensure that your business gets the right attention from the right audiences. Thus, Cause Effect always starts with a methodical and painstaking fact finding process to ensure that we know the whole story behind the digital needs of your business.

Doing our Homework

Once we have a good idea of the facts, the research continues. We want to make sure that we have everything we need to develop a truly effective strategy for our clients, so we continue gather information by working with your business as well doing our own research to delve into the details behind your past marketing strategies, target audiences, their behaviours, and the possible solutions that could be implemented for your business.

Developing your Strategy

Once we’ve gathered enough information to determine the exact needs of your business, we can begin to develop your strategy. Taking the various factors such as your goals, resources and target audience into account, our team of strategists and business development executives will determine which of the various tools we have at our disposal will be best to help achieve a digital solution for your business.

Onboarding you as a Client

Once our strategy has been decided, we get to work with our onboarding process, which means setting up everything that you’ll need in order to run your digital assets, such as your website, email marketing platforms, social media channels and advertising accounts.

Providing you with Execution

Now it’s time for us to execute on your behalf. Whether your strategy involves posting social media content, creating videos, or running digital ad campaigns, our team of digital experts will handle it. And the process doesn’t end with execution. As we put your strategy into practice, we continue to monitor and analyse the results and engagement in order to achieve the best possible results for your business.

Define your Story