Marketing e-commerce websites have always been a little bit more complicated than others.

It just requires a slightly different tactic and more effort.


An e-commerce website sells a variety of products from different categories and brands.

It’s also a B2C (Business To Consumer), which means the business sells directly to customers.

Customers need and want product information.

This is especially true for product ads.

When we found GEMFIVE‘s Facebook ad, we were overjoyed at the opportunity to optimise a Facebook ad for an e-commerce website.

GEMFIVE is currently in the third place in this marketing race.

Big shots like Lazada and 11street are currently working with a larger ad budget, so GEMFIVE needs to produce better quality ads and develop a more tactical approach to Facebook ads.

We want to remind you: This is not an attack.

We are just trying to improve the current practices on native ad marketing in Malaysia.

We love this company and would love to work with GEMFIVE if given the opportunity.

In fact, we’re counting on it.

Main Ad

GEMFIVE_Malaysia_FB_Ad (1)

We’ve noticed that GEMFIVE is currently doing a remarketing campaign.

We think that remarketing is a great way to convince customers to revisit the product.

It’s one of the aspects of marketing that couldn’t be done on traditional media.

This is why digital marketing is very powerful.

With the best practices of ad creation put into practice, the results of a remarketing campaign can be greatly improved.


A remarketing campaign is still an ad campaign. Showing the customers the same picture and information might not be enough.

They’ve seen it before and they didn’t buy it the first time they saw it.

Advertisements need to be persuasive.

Cause Effect wants to show how the GEMFIVE remarketing campaign can be improved.

We’re going to do 4 variations (A/B Testing, remember?) with different concepts and goals.

Let’s begin.

Ad Variation 1

The first variation is the closest to GEMFIVE’s initial concept. It makes use of the same information coupled with persuasive information.

The main issue is “Why did the customer click on the product?”.

Do they want to lose weight? Is it a diabetic product? Looking for something for their baby?

We take that and persuade them to remember that motivation.


Ad Status Bar

“Trying to get healthy? Get the best deals and FREE shipping without breaking the bank. Come on, what are you waiting for?”

Everybody who clicked on these products will be reintroduced to the product on facebook with the caption “Trying to get healthy?”

Remind them of their motivation.

We need to add value to the ad as well. The term “Without breaking the bank” communicates that perfectly.

It’s cheap.


We chose images that motivated people to want the product even more.

For Glucerna (meal replacement beverage for diabetics), we decided to show fit individuals in an active lifestyle. We used a smiling baby for BIOGREEN(baby formula).

We also placed bundle deal prices and persuasive copy to incentivise them to revisit the product.

Pre-CTA Headline

For the purpose of e-commerce, we are placing the product name as it is very significant.

Identify the product. It’s the product that the customer is most familiar with. They’re already interested.

Pre-CTA Body

We added the simplest USP (Unique Selling Proposition) for the product in the description.

As there are multiple products, we have to insert the persuasive copy in the main status bar.

Obviously, this format of design requires more research into each product that will be advertised.

It’s well worth it if you’re focusing on greater conversions.

Let’s see the next concept.

Ad Variation 2

For the next concept, we decided to focus more on persuading the customers. In this ad, we assume that the customers already know the information. We’re only persuading them.

In this ad, we assume the fact that the customers already know the information. We’re only persuading them.

We do this for the purpose of A/B testing. If this tactic does not work, it can be fine tuned or removed to optimise the ad spending budget.


Ad Status Bar

“We know shopping for diabetics can be difficult. That’s why we went ahead and found some that help regulates your blood glucose, cholesterol and weight. Order it online and we’ll deliver it to your door! ”

GEMFIVE understands. GEMFIVE is helpful. GEMFIVE cares. We’re helpful and convenient.

Did you get all that from reading the status?

Those are the messages that we’re trying to insert into the article.


For this carousel, we decided to choose pictures of a different target for each product.

The peaceful old couple for the diabetic product. The teenage girl doing yoga for meal replacement.

We use images that people can relate to.

We used this ad to focus on persuasion without reminding customers of the price.

Ad Variation 3

For some people, it’s convenience they worry about.

They can get the product when they go out, but they don’t have the time.

So we created an ad just for them. You can use a remarketing tactic to capture a broader audience.



Ad Status Bar

“Going out and looking for health beverages can be so difficult. Well, purchase from us to get bundle deals and free shipping right to your front door. Get your favourite products from GNC, Blackmores, Nestle, Brands and many more! ”

This post focuses on one thing. Convenience.

We didn’t forget to bring up something the Malaysian audience is obsessed with: discounts.

Well, don’t forget to remind them the brands we are associated with.

Increase credibility and value added to the ad. Increase the chances for the ad to perform.


We changed the image for different targets (gender). Even the same ad can be A/B tested to see which one responded better.

“Free Shipping To Your Doorstep”

Show the customers how easy it can through the visuals.

It will affect your CTR (Click-Through-Rate) for sure.

Pre-CTA Headline

“Get Healthy The Easy Way”

Being healthy is always associated with difficulty.

Impossible is nothing. No pain no gain.

Make it seem more convenient with GEMFIVE.

Pre-CTA Body

Don’t worry about going out. Don’t bother looking for the store. Withdraw your money. Buy it and carry it back to your care.

Just order from home and wait for it to show up at your doorstep.

All that’s left to do is click.

Let’s explore the final ad variation.

Ad Variation 4

This is another method to optimise remarketing campaigns. Create individual remarketing ads for a more focused.

Repetition of the ad could be done regularly over the period of 2 months to increase the percentage of awareness.


Ad Status Bar

“Thinking about the best formula for your growing baby? Find the best alternatives to mother’s milk and make sure your baby gets the best right here!”

All parents feel protective of their child. They want the best for their growing child.

Appeal to this instinct. Persuade them that their baby deserves it no matter the cost. Guilt them into it.


The babies are climbing the ladder to success. It’s their own bottle. What babies eat determine how far they climb up.

That’s the subtle messaging shown by the image selected.

Pre-CTA Headline

Product Name. Like we said, the product name can be highlighted as the customers have seen the product before.

Pre-CTA Body

We shifted the tone to challenge the parents slightly by adding a “definitely” here.

They could use a bit of a push to purchase the product this time around.


Remarketing is an amazing piece of technology that reduces unnecessary spending of business resources.

Optimising it with the best practices of ad creation will make the most of your precious budget.

Get the most of your budget and invest to get a larger ROI (Return Of Investment).

We hope the people at GEMFIVE won’t take this article the wrong way. We respect that your company is pushing the frontiers of digital marketing.

We’re just trying to increase the standard for digital marketing in Malaysia.

Cause Effect wants more companies to try out these new digital marketing technologies that are available today.

Read our articles to find out how to begin your journey in digital marketing. Follow us on Facebook as well!

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We hope we can have a sit down with GEMFIVE to discuss more optimisation strategies for their digital marketing!

Hope you enjoyed the article!

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