PART 2: Optimising Brickfields Asia College’s (BAC) Facebook Ads!

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In case you missed PART 1 of the article, here’s a link: (LINK)

For this article, we will be discussing the second set of ad variations targeted towards the students themselves.

Juuust in case, here’s another look at the observations and points we made about BAC.


How To Start Marketing BAC

What Do They Do?

“From pre-university courses to professional courses, both full-time and part-time, Brickfields Asia College offers you an educational experience which will prepare you for life and career challenges that lie ahead. Browse through our varied course listings or use the course search index to find the right subject area for you.”

Those are their words. That’s a very friendly tone of voice, don’t you think?

What’s Special About Them?

This college was founded on passion. The founder is a man named Raja Singham. He started this college at 24, based on a dream to provide high-quality legal education to the masses. Here’s the full story if you’re interested: (link).

That’s an amazing start. Here are some of their USPs (Unique Selling Proposition): 

1. Proven Track Record

Over 400 World and National Top Students, Book Prize Winners, 1st Class and 2nd Uppers over the past 3 years.

2. World-Class Qualifications

Choose from a wide range of qualifications offered by world- class universities and professional bodies.

3. Free Books & Study Materials

Free textbooks, study manuals, statute books, revision guides, past year questions and answers are provided along with other relevant course materials.

4. Service Excellence

BAC has a history of providing the best possible support for students from providing career advice and guidance to student support services.

5. Scholarships & Financial Aid

Scholarships, PTPTN loans, instalment schemes, 0% interest instalment payment plans and EPF withdrawals are available.

6. Strategically Located

BAC’s campuses in KL and PJ are easily accessible by LRT, Monorail, KTM Komuter, buses as well as other public transportation.

Who Are Their Ads Targeting?

Being a college, we can’t see specific targeting in their ads. It’s quite general.

From our observation, we would set their targeting to the parents and students in Klang Valley.

Since they have programs that provide free textbooks and financial aid, BAC makes their services accessible to students and parents from all income segments.

What’s Their Style?

Let’s take a look at their branding elements!

All of their ads play with three colours:

Yellow. Black. White.

Here’s an advertisement by BAC:


It looks credible, but it’s also very cheerful. The yellow colour makes it seem active, and they almost always use smiles in their ads. That’s a very smart idea!!

Their brand identity is very strong. They’re consistent too.

In all of their posts and ad copy, they sound very friendly and warm. Professional, but warm.

This is what you call brand persona. The personality of a brand. When you’re talking to others, a lack of personality can be disastrous! This, of course, applies to social media as well.

Our previous article featured the ads targeted towards parents. So in this one, we will discuss and explore how to target the students themselves.

Maybe you can make a comparison and learn how to optimise your content for different markets. Let’s begin!


Ad Variation 5

If you noticed, we decided to employ visual imagery that appeals to different target markets.

When we were marketing towards parents, we used visuals and copy that assumes the students are young. We called them children. We rarely used pictures of the students in the ads.

For this set, we focused on appealing to the students, so we portrayed them as adults. Professionals. We showed the students their visual future as an adult. We used ambition.



Through this ad, we used ambition and idealism as a pillar.

We focused the ad on the common trait of youth to want to change the world.

We showed them that through BAC, they can be successful easily.



The visual image of a beautiful girl in a suit is not to be underestimated. It shows BAC supports the right to an education and an ambition.

The image on the left subtly implies patriotism and change. SUBTLY. We have to be careful how we incite that passion.

You know why, right?


Link Headline

Uphold Justice & Make A Difference!

This headline follows up nicely from the image to incite the ambition in the students!

When you look at people who are interested in taking law ( the main focus of BAC), the main drive is justice and prestige. We decided to focus on the passionate ones in this ad.


Link Description

You can arm yourself. We used BAC’s own USPs from their website to empower and incite action from the students.


Ad Variation 6

This one was a little tricky. We wanted to portray the legal profession to look attractive to youths who are looking for prestige.

We used sex appeal and respectability in order to pump up the heat.

We know we know. We will, of course, make one ad variation for the women as well. This ad is just to show our thought processes.



If you want to make something seem rewarding, you need to make the journey seem challenging.

We tried to show a journey through the message to show if you studied hard, you’ll get all the benefits shown in the ad.



The image speaks for itself. Revered. Feared. Elite. Success. Car. Credit card. We played with desire. Show the students what they crave for the most as adults.

Let the students relate those desires to a career in law themselves.


Link Headline

I Am The Law

This is placed in as an attention grabber. It refers to a famous meme about Judge Dredd.

Even if you don’t recognise it from the 90s movie, you’re sure to come across it in 9gag and Reddit.



Link Description

In order to support this, we inserted the BAC Advantage (USP) on Service Excellence! As usual, we also included the final call to action to trigger the action to click.


Ad Variation 7

For this ad, we combined a couple of elements to make the ad an all-rounder. We’re still using the desire and ambitions appeal. We decided to use some influential figures to improve the attention-grabbing aspect of the ad.



Law is not just memorising facts. We attacked a pain point for people who are interested in the legal profession right away.

The message continues to incite ambition by promising to improve your confidence and critical thinking skills.

No wonder lawyers are respected everywhere. There it is. Desire.



The image uses top local and international figures to increase its credibility.

For the final image, we also included the picture of the founder to increase the prestige of the college.


Link Headline

BAC Develops The Best Lawyers

We used the headline to show the students that BAC has a well-known reputation.

It’s more professional and it also caters to those looking for a serious future.


Link Description

We focused on their facilities, making sure to show off the swimming pool to interest young students. We also made sure to balance out the academic and the social facilities well so it can be interesting to a larger group.


Ad Variation 8

For some students, a bachelor in law is just a stepping stone. Law is regarded as many to be the best route to politics!

We thought we would experiment with one ad to see the interest it generates.



Do you think you can improve Malaysia’s politics? Stop talking and start preparing.

That’s a direct challenge to the students.

It grabs their attention and makes them interested to read more.

Take the political world by storm shows them their own potential in the world and appeals to their ambition.



The image is pretty straightforward.

A young man has a long journey ahead of him. At the peak lies the political leaders of Malaysia.

These are the most famous and well-known political leaders, so it’s guaranteed to grab the attention of people who are interested in a life of politics!


Link Headline

Study Law To Become A Political Expert

From law to political expert.

The statement assumes a natural progression.

It improves the linkage in people’s minds.


Link Description

In this segment, we inserted a caption from BAC’s Advantage (USP) World Class Qualifications with the final trigger.



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Hopefully, their passion will inspire the next generation as well. They are our future leaders, after all.