Instagram: The Second Most Important Social Media Platform

April 6, 2022September 15th, 2022 No Comments Written By: Cause Effect Digital



The Gram

Do it for Gram, they say. Well, thanks to the app’s development throughout the years, you can do more than just posting pictures and short videos of your sister’s 5th birthday now. From filters to Stories to Reels—there’s so much that a user can do on Instagram, including running a business. Ever since its launch in 2010, Instagram has taken off into the digital age without looking back.

Did you know that Instagram gained over a million users two months after its launch alone? It continues to climb the social media ladder each day with its endless number of users all around the world until it becomes the second most important social network today, falling right behind Facebook. What was once a simple app used to share square images can now be utilised for business and the future of online marketing. Remarkable what we can achieve in just a span of a decade, isn’t it?

The Facebook Takeover

Back in 2012, Facebook bought Instagram for over $1 billion despite the lack of promising events that showed Instagram had incoming revenue. This never stopped them, however, because the app’s popularity continued to grow until it reached a large sum of 80 million users just several more months later, showing exponential growth and planting its roots deeply into the mainland of social media.

How did Facebook create revenue for Instagram once the app was in their hands?


In 2013, Facebook launched sponsored posts which allow businesses to advertise their products and services on the platform. This helps them to build revenue for Instagram, and the action itself has evolved over the years. Prior to the introduction of Facebook’s Business Manager system, brands could only advertise on Instagram through organic methods, and it was far less targeted and time consuming as opposed to FBM, which is now known as Meta Business Suite.

This feature wasn’t the only one added to the platform. Apart from the growing selection of filters available for users to play with, Instagram began releasing more in-app features and even external applications in order to keep the platform relevant amidst the sea of competitors. After a few more filter updates and general system style updates, Instagram started to release in-app features and external apps to continue developing the programme to keep up with competitors.

Brand New and Advanced Features


One of them would be the ever-so-popular Boomerang, the feature that allows a user to capture one-second video loops. It is neither a photo nor a gif, but simply a one-second clip that goes forward and back in reverse. Nowadays, you don’t have to download a separate app to access these features anymore. Simply go on your Instagram Stories within the app itself and record your own Boomerang!

Besides, there’s also the option to post on the Stories feature which will last 24 hours and even start a livestream for your followers and any other people who can view your account to see. There are many other minor features available for everyone to use on their Stories. From polls to questions to quizzes and even countdown timers, Instagram has developed a myriad of new useful features for its users to enjoy.

Towards the end of 2016, Instagram had reached a milestone of over 600 million users on its system, turning its rival apps green with envy. With this achievement, it easily became one of the most popular social media platforms that are available to us today for both personal and business use. How many times have you caught yourself searching for a person or a place on Instagram to know more about them?

At this point, Instagram is becoming a brand new search engine. Why google Chris Hemsworth when you can find his Instagram account and follow him instead, right?

Business on Instagram


If you want to know why most businesses need a social media advertising agency nowadays, it’s because huge platforms like Instagram have evolved into a place where brands can target customers and reach more people than before. With the brand new business account feature that allows a user to connect it to their Facebook page, running a business on Instagram has never been easier.

For instance, one of the successful local entrepreneurs that ride on the Instagram wave is Neelofa, an actress with 8.6 million followers on Instagram who also runs a large hijab and lifestyle business. The brand, Naelofar, has almost one million followers on the platform alone and showcases a consistency of unique and tranquil colours across their content on Instagram which instantly distinguishes the brand from its competitors. When you have a specific image and tone for your brand, it’s easier for your audience to recognise your content.

Almost every single brand you come across has an Instagram account available for you to visit and learn more about their products and services through the visual content that they produce. So if you’re looking to build a strong online presence for your brand and reach a wider audience, then Instagram, the second most popular social media platform in the world, just might help.



With the number of Instagram users growing at a rapid speed on a daily basis, there is no doubt that the future of social media is brighter than ever. Along with this growth comes opportunities for businesses to evolve as well, expanding their print in the digital marketing world through these platforms that offer a labyrinth of helpful and effective features.

If you can produce the best engaging and appealing content for your business and showcase it to the world through a platform such as Instagram, then your chances of reaching your target audience and bringing in more potential customers just might increase. Contact us at Cause Effect Digital, one of the digital agencies in Malaysia, as we are happy to assist you in delving into the digital marketing world. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for more updates!