Once upon a time, people only watched movies when they went to the cinema.

Technology moved on and people were watching old reruns on their television.

It didn’t stop there. They made cinemas a lot more comfortable. Living room sofas got a lot more comfortable.

Some people would prefer watching their favourite shows anywhere they want.

Iflix is one service that makes that possible. Watch your favourite shows anywhere at any time.

Get all the latest movies and tv series for less than the price of a movie ticket.

Watch movies in your birthday suit. On your bed. Whatever you want. Iflix gives you total comfort and most importantly, FREEDOM.

No more sneaking snacks into the cinema!

Knowing that, Cause Effect decided to prepare a series of mockups to propose to Iflix on the kind of ads they can be placing on Facebook.

Main Ad

From our observations, Iflix mainly focuses on two categories of content on Facebook.

The first content category is the movie/series post.

Iflix 2It’s not a bad idea.

If Iflix wanted to power up their marketing a bit more, they can follow up on their content with movies/series advertisements as well.

One cannot complain about the image/video used here as well.

Cause Effect thinks there could be more attempts to engage with their customers too!

Discussions about movies make up a high percentage of conversations on social media.

iflix ad

The next category is the sales post.

Look at the message.

“There’s nothing more awesome than kicking back and spending time with your favourite show. #iflix”

This is a well-constructed statement. It means NOTHING to potential customers, though.

We think a greater pull can be made with adding value to the post.

The image selection can also be significantly improved.

Binge watching is something most people can relate to.

However, putting in an office background does two things to the post:

#1 It takes iflix out of context

Should users be watching movies in the office?

Would watching in the office make people interested in subscribing to iflix?

#2 It doesn’t look comfortable

Would it be comfortable to portray watching tv in the office? Is that what you want customers to think when they remember iflix?

So we’re going to create a few variations of ads that powers up their original concepts. Facebook Marketing can be greatly improved with just a few tweaks.

Let’s take a look at the first one!

Ad Variation 1

Here’s the first concept.

iflix_concept_4_mockup_VA1 (1)

It’s a sales ad (Hard Sell).

Let’s analyse it and see what we’ve changed.

Ad Status Bar

“You’re working 8 hours a day. By the time you get home, it’s already night time. Chill at home and watch movies in your jammies comfortably with Iflix. You’d never run out of movies with access to over 20,000 hours of footage.”

We started with relating to the customer and then proceeded to ask the customers to imagine themselves in the picture.

Finally, add value to the ad by inserting a fact.

That’s a good recipe for a hard sell status.


The image selected sets the mood of the ad.

Comfortable. On the bed. A cup of cocoa right there for snacks.

Pre-CTA Headline

iflix & Chill For RM10/month

Just as a security, we added a little incentive. iflix & Chill.

Introduce a romantic element into the scenario. Any person looking to bond with their SO (significant other) might be attracted to the ad as well.

Pre-CTA Body

Add a CTA in there to push the reader to click on the ad. All advertisements need good triggers.

Ad Variation 2

People are in transit all the time these days. They’re on their mobile phones everywhere they go.

iflix has a feature called Offline Movie Mode. We wanted to target people with this feature.


This ad places more emphasis on situations.

Are you bored while waiting in the traffic jam?

Then iflix is the thing for you.

Let’s take a look.

Ad Status Bar

“Stuck in a jam? Waiting for the train? Awkward silence in the car? Well, watch movies all the time with Iflix Offline Movie Mode. Does that sound easier than pirating? It is.”

Show the reader the situations common to them. Show them that having iflix Offline Movie Feature would’ve helped.

Streaming sucks a lot of data, and data is precious in today’s world.


The images that we have selected focuses on BORING situations a lot of people have encountered.

Traffic jam. Long queue. Train ride. A movie comes in handy at times like this.

Relate to the customer. We also used the image to highlight a key role for iflix in user’s life. Stress Reliever.

Pre-CTA Headline

Watch Movies Anywhere For RM10/month

That’s a SUPER LOW price for the service offered. There’s no harm dangling that bait in the headline.

Pre-CTA Body

Don’t limit where you can watch your movies and tv shows. It presents a new opportunity to potential customers. All they have to do is click.

Seems easy enough, right?

Ad Variation 3

iflix has the best movies, so they should know all about the effect of drama right?

Sometimes you have to be dramatic to get attention!

This ad is a good example of that. Lead with visuals and win with price.

iflix_concept_3_mockup_VA1 (1)

Ad Status Bar

“Stress Relief does not mean going broke. For RM10/month, get unlimited access to all your favourite movies and series. That’s not a lot for your peace of mind, is it?”

Two main components of this ad are stress relief and value. Combine these two to generate a bigger impact.


A dramatic picture featuring an empty wallet catches users’ eyes more effectively.

Are Movies Too Expensive?

For most Malaysians, movies mean the cinema.

One cinema ticket costs around RM12-20. That’s ONE movie. For ONE person.

Watch 10 movies with 10 friends at the comfort of your own home. With iflix, that will only cost RM10.

You can do this 100 times a month.

Pre-CTA Headline

Don’t Get Stressed Streaming

We all know streaming can be very stressful. Getting HD movies is one task. What about subtitles? Viruses too.

You won’t have to worry about that on iflix.

Pre-CTA Body

Movies SHOULD Be Easy” That’s the clincher. Make it easier with iflix.

Convince the readers that they have a problem. Present the solutions gracefully.

Ad Variation 4

iflix_concept_1_mockup_VA1 (2)

Ad Status Bar

Let’s take a look at this one. Malaysia is filled with pirates. Targeting them means talking about things they can relate to.

FULL HD is something most streamers strive to get. It’s not that easy to locate, though.

Streaming websites are getting shut down. This means streaming is getting more and more difficult these days. iflix can convince users that iflix is a lot easier with

iflix can convince users that iflix is a lot easier with only RM10/month.


A pirate and a pair of binoculars.

Comedy also helps in attracting attention to certain groups on the internet.

Use it sparingly and it will generate a lot of engagement.

Go legit is a normal term you hear in Hollywood movies. It means not to return to a life of crime.

Pre-CTA Headline

Unlimited Access Without Viruses

Most pirates have a steady stream of viruses that have affected their precious computer in the past.

Reminding them of this benefit could be the final push they need to make the transition.

Pre-CTA Body

Don’t worry about looking for HD Streams again. Don’t worry about viruses. iflix is safe and easy to use.

Ad Variation 5

iflix_Carousel-Link-AdWe’ve talked about remarketing in an article on our blog recently. We think many businesses can benefit from them.

Remarketing is when you target people who have been to your website without making a purchase.

Don’t worry, we’ll release a how-to article on how to do this in the future.

Besides remarketing, carousel ads can be used to introduce new series and movies. It can also be used for new episodes to keep the current customers up to date.

Ad Status Bar

The status knows you’ve seen these movies before (from the targeting). You can catch up on all your favourite series when you subscribe to iflix.

Add value to this. Watch it anytime and anywhere you want. Offline Movie Feature.

The final clincher is the series that the users have seen in the past.


We picked two categories of tv series to widen the targeting of the ad. Each series might have its own set of followers and we maximised the potential with this ad.

4 images. 4 targetings from different pages on the website.


We think all of you can greatly benefit from using these techniques and strategies we have written about.

Please let us know if you have additional tips you would like to share!

We hope iflix will take these comments constructively. We would love to chat with you on how to optimise your Facebook Marketing, if possible.

We would love to chat with you on how to optimise your Facebook Marketing, if possible.

We’re huge movie fans here at Cause Effect. Check our all of our articles on our blog and follow us on Facebook.

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Hope you enjoyed the article!

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