The Lorry or The is a logistics/delivery service based in Malaysia. Their base of operations is in Puchong, Selangor.

You might not have heard of them (yet) but we’re sure they’re going to be an important service that powers the logistics in Malaysia through the digital scene very very soon.

Why? Their marketing is spot on, their service is known by many to be good and their customer service department is efficient.

There’s only one problem, though. Their Facebook ads could be a lot better. It needs to be better if they want to become a significant presence on the internet. Facebook is one of the best channels to do this.

The Lorry is primarily B2B-focused, which means the potential is huge.

It’s a shame, really. The Lorry has grown significantly since their inception in 2014. In two years, their social media page has gathered close to 60,000 likes. 60,000 LIKES.

Cause Effect believes that number could be much much higher (shoot us an email to find out how much) if they took into account the latest trends, optimal posting time, content marketing and performance marketing.

That’s not what we’re here to talk about, though. If you’ve been reading our articles, you’d know this by now.

Today we’re going to do an analysis of their Facebook ads. Let’s begin, shall we?

Main Ad Teardown


This is such a waste of potential. It’s amazing that The Lorry went so far as to create a video ad. With just a bit of tweaking, this ad would’ve skyrocketed their page views, likes and engagements.

We apologise, but we can’t show you the video they made here. We can still analyse the ad and provide constructive criticism. Let’s take a look at what the problems were and how we can improve it.



The questions were a nice touch since it causes people to consider alternatives.

It’s also way too long. A see more button in an ad is like an ad within an ad. Simplify your goals for the ad and create different variations for each question.


It will be unfair to treat a video ad like an image ad, but even videos can be improved for Facebook.

While the quality of the video can vary according to the budget, there are certain add-ons that are free and helpful.

Digital On-Screen Graphics, or simply watermarks is one good example.

Having it protects your copyright.

It also increases brand recall for your brand. A person might remember a video while forgetting the brand itself. Having a watermark will definitely improve that.


There’s one example.


Here’s another.


Link Headline

Instead of packing all the information into the message, it’s better to place some of the more important issues here. This is where you need to create value.

Link Description

There is a space you might not have noticed in the ad. That’s because it’s empty. This space could be used to persuade people to take action instead of just enjoying the video.

If you’ve been reading our articles, you will notice we’re a HUGE supporter of A/B Testing. We create multiple versions of an ad to test different targets and concepts. Think of it as layered investments.

In our ad variations, we won’t be able to create videos for mockup purposes (maybe someday). So we’ll stick to images this time.

Let’s start with the first one, shall we?

Variation 1

This advertisement focuses on B2B (business to business) businesses. Be it product delivery, large cargo or others, The Lorry is famous for being able to solve their customer’s problems.

In this ad, we focused on the Consolidation/LTL services (Less Than Truck Load shipping) by The Lorry.

Let’s take a look.

AdParlor_Website_Clicks_Newsfeed_Preview (3)


“Does your business need to transport things regularly? The Lorry can help you with our Consolidation Services. We’ll make it work easily no matter how big or small your parcel is.

Find out more today and let us worry about your package”

This post targets businesses, so it is important to sound credible. Overpromising on social media is especially dangerous. The only focus is to sound credible while focusing on one benefit:


Most businesses don’t mind paying extra. They just want their delivery to arrive safely and on time. That means convenience is highly appreciated by them.


“Big Parcel? Small Parcel? Settled!”

That copy says The Lorry can handle anything.

Back it up with professionalism and we’ve got ourselves a winner. The image tries to communicate professionalism and being organised. This image says we’ve got our business in order.

Link Headline

“Making Deliveries Easy For Your Business”

This one drives the point home. Short & Sweet. It should make the reader remember all the pain points of dealing with a delivery service. We’re sure you’re familiar with them as well.

Link Description

“Come and find out how we can make your life easier right away. Just click!”

This is the final push and appeals to the personal side of the reader. Persuade them to consider.

We’re moving on to the next one.

Variation 2

Keep in mind that while most businesses appreciate the convenience, some are worried about the budget.

That’s why we needed a second variation to target the budget-conscious.

AdParlor_Website Clicks_Newsfeed_Preview (2) (1)


“Your business always needs deliveries made. Whether it’s a parcel or cargo, let The Lorry handle your needs efficiently.

Rest easy. We’ve got your back.”

The status bar focuses on convenience because cheap means nothing if it’s going to make things harder for your company.


The same image is used, but the copy is changed to Save Cost On Deliveries & Logistics.

Boom! Cheap and convenient! Idea implanted!

Link Headline

“Never Worry About Deliveries Again”

That appeals directly to the pain points of the customer. Those who have had problems in the past will definitely be interested in this headline.

Link Description

Experts in Consolidation Services (LTL)/Distribution/Heavy Duty/Project Cargo/Border Crossing. It’s so convenient!

Establish brand superiority and drive persuasive points. Insert a final Call To Action (CTA) to push them to click the button.

Next, we move on to the next target and variation.

Variation 3

Homeowners. Another time a trucking service is needed is mainly for home moving.

This brings us to the next two variations.

This time we decided to play around with some humour and relatable situations.

AdParlor_Website_Clicks_Newsfeed_Preview (4)


“You’ve just renovated the house, and you’re moving in soon. We know you’re tempted to move everything yourself, but you need to be “healthy” to “enjoy” your new house. Let The Lorry take care of everything. Learn more now!”

People hate moving houses. It’s a tedious chore. The word healthy is important when you combine that with the image. Make it easier for the reader to connect the dots. “Enjoying” implies it’s gonna be easy and comfortable.


The image focuses on what could happen when you try to move in yourself. The copy and the image work together to build an idea: Moving yourself is dangerous. Save cost and make it easy with The Lorry.

How cheap?

Link Headline

“Book A Lorry from RM100 within Minutes!”

Budget-conscious. Cheap. Fast.

Everything a homeowner will need to make a decision.

Link Description

“Stop worrying and book us now to start “enjoying” your new home.”

Stop thinking so much. Decide and make it easy for yourself to have a good time.

That’s what it means.

With that, we’re facing the final variation next!

Variation 4

In some cases, you’re not worried about yourself. You start to take action when the people you love is in danger.

AdParlor_Website_Clicks_Newsfeed_Preview (5)

This ad doesn’t change a lot from the previous one, with the exception of the image.


Instead of showing one person injured, we focused on the context of “family”.

Here’s the message.

A daughter or wife can get injured. Don’t make it easy for yourself. Make it easy for them.

Sometimes that’s all you need to inspire action. A picture is worth a thousand words, right?


For this article, we’re trying to show that you don’t need to change everything to get multiple concepts for A/B Testing. A few small tweaks and the same ad can have a different impact for different people.

If you’re under a tight deadline to produce multiple ad variations for Facebook, keep these tips handy.

We hope we didn’t step on any toes.

We hope The Lorry can also use these tips to accelerate the growth of their digital marketing online. We’re keeping some of these tips for a meeting with The Lorry (if they’re interested).

Go ahead. Send us an email (click on the button below) and we’ll discuss the many things Cause Effect can do for your social media pages. Let’s grow together.

The Digital Age Awaits.

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