Ever heard of 50gram?

Maybe not. They’re a pretty interesting service, though.

They’re a flower delivery service based in Malaysia. They’re also doing something called video bouquet, though we can’t find an explanation of what it is on their website.

Their bouquets look amazing, though.

Well, we found a Facebook post they’re boosting and thought we could help them make it SOOOO much better.

Stay calm, though. No offence intended. This is all because Cause Effect has a passion for bringing Malaysia into the digital age. We want to help you stand out on Facebook.

So let’s begin.

Ad Teardown


Riiiight? We told you. That’s a beautiful bouquet. None of us would think twice to buy it for our loved ones. But we said we can do it better.

What’s the problem with it, then?

Ad Status Bar

The post goes on to explain the pronunciation, the origin of the name and the meaning and properties of the name.

Why? Now we know everything about the name. That doesn’t push me to buy the product, though.

It’s not persuasive.

We’re not sure what delivery period is and it needs to be explained better.

The status bar is also missing a trigger (what you need to make a purchase). If the post is performing well, adding a trigger can always boost sales.


The image is a very good shot of the product. We’re jealous of their product, in fact.

However, there is no impact to this. No targets. The image doesn’t show what I need to see to consider purchasing it.

What would work then?

Don’t worry. We’re not irresponsible. Here are some things 50gram could do to maximise the impact of this boosted post.

Post Variation 1

Using the same concept they did, we powered up the post a bit more.

Noticed the difference?


Ad Status Bar

“Are your loved ones stressed out? The Amethyst Bouquet is a natural stress reliever. Show them that you care and bring a smile to their faces. Get it while you can. Stocks are running out fast!”

There it is. We created a story where the buyer is the hero.

The flowers have a purpose. They’re there to relieve the stress of your loved ones.

“This offer is only valid for deliveries from 21st February to 4th March 2017.”

To us, this communicates what they were trying to say clearly (clearer, at least).

Notice that we also added a link at the bottom. If people were inspired by the post, there is a trigger for them to purchase and take action.


The flowers themselves are not enough. Use it in the context of a story. A picture of a smiling girlfriend/wife might trigger a concerned boyfriend or husband. It might spark an idea to a guy looking to impress somebody. It drives action.

Show the effect the flowers will have to the receiver. People buy flowers for somebody else to make them feel better.

That’s not the only target you can reach with the same product. Let’s change the target and see whether the same thing applies.

Post Variation 2

See? Girlfriends aren’t the only people you give flowers to.


Ad Status Bar

“Your mom is used to stress. That doesn’t mean you can’t try to help. Show her how much you love her through the stress relieving “Amethyst Bouquet”. Don’t wait for Mother’s Day to show that you care. Do it today!”

Let’s target somebody we can guilt trip to send their mama flowers.

Maybe they made a mistake and want to apologise. Maybe somebody’s concerned that their mother is going through a lot. Maybe it’s a mom figure, an aunt or a grandmother.

This post clearly makes use of guilt. It’s for a good reason, though. You shouldn’t need a kick in the ass to show your mother that you love her.


The image makes full use of the guilt trip. Make your mother smile.

A smiling mom makes the reader consider their own moms. Make her happy with our product. Stimulate a feeling and place the product name right next to that.

Associate your product name with a feeling. Repeat it enough and it will boost brand recall.

Well, those are two good targets. We’re not done yet, though. Off to variation #3~

Ad Variation 3

Surprised? The folks at Cause Effect believes in A/B Testing. Use your ads (or posts) to try and enter new markets.

If flowers are only marketed to guys looking to give flowers to their girlfriends, you’re limiting yourself.

Let’s analyse this concept.


Ad Status Bar

“Waiting for him to send you flowers? It’s the 21st Century! Send him our stress relieving “Amethyst Bouquet” and win him over. He might just send more your way! Come on.. order today!”

It’s supposed to be the 21st century, right?

It’s the age of equality where women are asking men out too. What’s wrong with asking a woman to give flowers to a guy?

This is a call to action to be different. It shows a feminist stance in the brand too.


The image supports the status really well. Sometimes it’s the bold posts that generate the most engagements. People will want to talk about it. That means plenty of opportunities to interact in the comments area and convert them into customers!

Ad Variation 3

This ad is similar to the first variation with a slight twist. It is intended for a wider audience base and can be emotionally impactful to a larger group of people.

The ad focuses on how a person is loved when they take care of the people around them.


Ad Status Bar

“Life can be difficult sometimes. Take care of the people around you and let them know you care with our “Amethyst Bouquet”. Surround your life with love and let the good times roll. All it takes is for you to start. Order yours today!”

This general call to action reinforces the image to show that caring for other people is rewarding. How do you care for others?

Amethyst, of course.


You obviously want to feel loved. So why not start first?

Associating the product with being loved is a good way to motivate behaviour.

Show them the love they’re going to get by making the first move and motivate your readers.

People love getting flowers. Let’s make people love giving it as well.


So let’s see. We came up with these ad variations for 50gram without the proper information and communication, so we might not get some of them right. We don’t have access to their products, so a photo shoot is out of the question.

The concepts here, though, are inspired from best practices and case studies from accomplished social media accounts, content marketing pages and other sources.

Through this ad teardown, we have shown you the potential of a simple Facebook boosted post.

Targeting influences the messaging and quality of the content. We showed you variations. For those of you reading, make sure to check out 50gram’s lovely bouquets!

We at Cause Effect hope the lovely folks at 50gram won’t take this article the wrong way. We hope we can have a chat and get better together!

Let’s take the world by storm and enhance each other’s presence.

Just shoot us an email at [email protected] and let’s have a chat about how your company can definitely spread more flowers and love in the world.

We’ve got a lot more to talk about. The article is just the beginning.

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