Why Esports?

If you’re trying to find new and innovative ways to promote your brand market directly to a young audience, esports is your answer.
One of the fastest growing industries in Malaysia and the world at large, the global esports movement is proving itself to be one of the best ways to drive audience engagement and brand exposure for a multitude of different companies and businesses.

Here’s how we did it

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The first thing we did was create a brand identity which was instantly recognisable. With our distinct colour scheme, logo and design flair, Geek Fam stands out clearly to fans and investors alike, even among the many competitors in the esports market.

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To understand how to effectively market to a community, you first need to gain an intimate understanding of the community itself. We engaged with the gaming and esports community directly in order to understand the wants and needs of gamers and esports fans. This allowed us to position our brand in such a way that was inclusive to everyday gamers and hardcore fans alike, prompting them to engage with our content and become personally invested in our brand.

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Using our knowledge of audience data and analytics, we were able to build an understanding of audience behaviour and preferences, which allowed us to develop optimised content pillars to attract fans and engage the community - a crucial element of success for esports teams.

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By being part of the community and knowing how to operate within it, we enable ourselves to provide solutions to brands who wish to enter the esports industry or market themselves to the esports user demographic.

As one of the leading esports organisation in Southeast Asia, Geek Fam and it’s affiliated events/activities are perfectly positioned to serve as a vehicle for brand promotion in esports.

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At Cause Effect, we have a unique pedigree of being experts in the field of digital solutions and marketing, while also having a deep familiarity and understanding of the gaming industry.

This allows us to be pioneers in the field of esports marketing, as we are able to blend knowledge and disciplines to execute strategies and achieve results that few others can.

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