Advocacy Advertising and What It’s About

March 24, 2022 No Comments Written By: Cause Effect Digital


As a marketer, you will most definitely strive to find the best way for you to connect with your customers. It is crucial for them to follow your brand on social media platforms that you’ve chosen to use, and it is vital that they begin to align themselves with your brand as well.

In order for your brand to reach out and grab the hearts of your target audience, you need to ensure your desires and theirs are on the same page. Through advocacy advertising, it is more than possible for you to connect with potential customers and have them trust your brand. This will then influence them to purchase your products or services because of the way your brand stands out in the market.

If you want to know what advocacy advertising is all about, we’ve got you covered! After all, we understand that digital marketing in social media and having an online presence as a whole can be difficult. So keep reading and find out how it can help you expand your brand awareness as well as attract your target audience to become paying customers.

What is Advocacy Advertising?


Before we dive into the specifics, you must first understand that the goal of advocacy advertising is to raise awareness. Whatever cause is at hand, your brand must appeal and persuade certain audiences to take a specific action. One of the most common hopes for this action is to draw attention to the people apart from advocating solely to gain traction with new supporters who you know would join your cause.

If you’re wondering what you can advocate for, well, the possibilities are endless. There is a labyrinth of advocacy advertising opportunities for you to delve into. From politics to economics to society, there are multiple levels to this kind of advocacy advertising and you are able to choose which one best suits your business and what you stand for.

What advocacy advertising really revolves around is marketing the name of your brand in order to support a social cause or message, and this type of advertising is typically non-profitable. Implementing an advocacy campaign or two with the aim to influence public opinion is normal to private organisations, and it usually focuses on political, social, or even environmental topics.

The significance of advocacy advertising is its lack of promoting products or services. Save it for commercial advertising, because how can you advocate for a cause if you are too busy promoting your own products in the first place?

Advocacy Advertising vs Commercial Advertising


If you run a business, then you must already know what commercial advertising is. It focuses on marketing your products or services, constantly informing your target audience regarding your brand and the latest products. It even focuses on the product life cycle, especially when you market a new product when it first hits the market and monitor its growth or popularity. Then you would promote the maturity of your product before addressing any lack of demand in the market.

However, when it comes to advocacy advertising, there is no promoting your product or services. Instead, you would promote a political, social, or environmental cause that will actually make an impact. It aims to spread political, social, or environmental messages to increase awareness on the matter and drive people toward a specific action to solve the issue with your brand.

What advocacy advertising does or aims for is simple:

  • Raise awareness of a social, environmental, or political cause
  • Influence people to take action and help solve a major problem in society
  • Improve loyalty from the audience to strengthen the cause
  • Solve the problem associated with politics, the environment, or social factors

This gives advocacy advertising the particular viewpoint on public topics of a business, an organisation, or even an interest group. There are multiple platforms for you to utilise advocacy advertising campaigns and they include email marketing, radio, television, newspapers, and of course, social media platforms.

By spreading awareness about significant matters apart from your own brand and the things that you offer, you are producing an image for yourself that appeals to the public and influences them to trust you. When they see your brand’s passion and care for the topic at hand, it can convert them into paying customers because they know the causes your brand fights for.



Advocacy advertising can strengthen your business and shine a new light on your brand name that people might have missed before. It ensures the public perception is effective for your long-term business goals and helps push them forward through the actions that you decide to take. Not to mention that it is also an excellent way to improve the loyalty of your customer base and boost retention. When you please your customers and appeal to them, it will leave them with satisfaction that might just get them to return to your brand for more.

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