5 Ways Advocates Can Market Your Business

March 14, 2022 No Comments Written By: Cause Effect Digital


Do you feel satisfied when you acquire customers and retain them? They keep coming back, becoming a loyal customer to your brand, and making you feel like you’ve done it right. Sure, getting customers and retaining them is nice, but turning them into advocates for your brand is best.

The best marketing you can get is not simply through the best content marketing agencies, but also through word of mouth. It is when your customers tell their friends and family about your brand and automatically recommend it to them, which is the cheapest and most efficient form of marketing, even in the current golden age of the internet. Whether big or small, companies nowadays use this approach to expand their reach towards those who are not familiar with their brand through those who are.

Consumers today are also tech-savvy. Most of them no longer believe in false advertising and promotions that they see by a particular brand. They tend to try it for themselves and indirectly advocate for the brand they believe is the best for them. Before buying a product or service, they would seek opinions from their friends and family members or check the reviews from previous customers to see whether the feedback is good and trustworthy.


There is no doubt that your customers are your hidden treasure here, and they are also your most important asset. Here are five ways on how you can persuade your customers and let them do the talking about your brand. After all, brand advocacy is much more authentic and organic, and it will more likely make your potential customers gravitate towards the desire to buy from you.

1. Valuable Feedback and Testimonials for Your Website

What more common tactic is there to use for the word of mouth strategy if not through customer testimonials? As digital marketers, you must leverage different channels such as email and other social media platforms to collect customer feedback. This will show the results in the most authentic way as the feedback comes straight from the actual customers themselves, but do ensure that you take your customer’s permission before publishing their feedback on your website. To increase the trust level and ensure your testimonials are legitimate, add your customer’s identity. It is vital to keep in mind that you must never fabricate your customer testimonials.

2. Media and Publications Take Notice

The more people talk about your brand online, the more media publications will be curious to see what your brand has to offer and why exactly people are talking about it. Not only does this give you free media coverage, but it also expands your business more through the art that is word of mouth. After all, it is clear that most people believe in the words of others more than they do with an advertisement that they see on their mobile phone screens. Next thing you know, you’d be gaining interest from different people, and that’s always a good thing.

3. Allow Your Clients to Speak in Case Studies

You are probably already aware of business publishing case studies in order to provide insights to prospective clients. Now, you can write your own words and pledge for your brand, but you are also capable of having your clients’ opinions inserted into the matter for maximum benefits. Have your clients talk about issues that concern your brand in certain sections of your case studies such as the initial challenges they were facing or the changes that occurred after they purchased your products or services. Your prospects are most likely to trust a reputable reference since these words will come from your actual customers instead of yourself or the people who work for your brand.


4. Convert Your Clients into Content Creators on Social Media Platforms

Ever heard of giveaways? Online contests? Gently nudge your target audience to participate and contribute content to your brand’s social media page as part of the advocacy program. Advertising and digital marketing have been made easy using social media through events such as giveaways, and it all lies on the shoulders of your customers. What would be the best way for a person to advocate your brand through social media? Ensure the contest’s prize aligns with your brand’s image and your audience’s interests, and you might just get yourself a chance to have your target audience participate in the contest.

5. Promote User-Generated Content on Social Media Platforms

Did you know that there are times when people talk about your brand on their social media accounts even without a campaign running? Perhaps someone shared about your business and told their followers when they should try it out. 

Engage with your customers. A simple, witty reply could make their day and boost your own brand’s performance once the other people viewing the posts see that you care for the community that your brand has formed. Endorse these posts regarding your brand by the audience on your social media platforms and show appreciation for their efforts to make the posts about it in the first place. Your customers are willingly sharing their experiences with your brand; make the most out of it!



There is a labyrinth of ways for one’s business to become successful, and brand advocacy is one of them. Trust your customers, and they will trust you! If you engage with them and show your appreciation, they just might bring 10 more customers to the table with their talk about your brand alone. It is a transparent and authentic way to gain clients, especially through the words of those who have experienced the journey with your business before.

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