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Feb / 28

Things You Are Not Doing To Increase Post Engagement

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Hi there! Post engagement is the main aim for so many brands on Facebook and with Facebook continually evolving such as the ban on “engagement bait“, some of us are not certain as to what we are doing is according to Facebook’s advertising policy and guideline. The recent ban has also frustrated marketers as to […]

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Feb / 22

6 Insane Tips About Effective Facebook Canvas

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Canvas is an immersive and interactive way to tell your brand’s story to your audience. Currently, there are a few ways to create Facebook canvas; you can read more on that here.  To create Canvas from scratch is pretty simple and straightforward. The only materials you need ready are photos, videos and text. It is […]

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Feb / 22

7 Things To Determine Facebook Ads Cost

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So how much do we have to spend on a Facebook ad? How much is too much and how much is too little? We might all want to know the exact costs there is for each Facebook ads, but truthfully there is no accurate way to pinpoint with the finger. However, there is an average […]

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