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Mar / 31

Are You Seriously Still Using Banner Ads?

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Well, we're not surprised. Old trends in the digital market are still being used in Malaysia, after all. In marketing, we have to constantly update ourselves with new information. It's one of our core beliefs here at Cause Effect. Banner ads were a big thing. There's no denying that. There were static ads, flash ads [...]
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Mar / 27

Optimising E-Commerce & Facebook Ads: Case Study On GEMFIVE

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Marketing e-commerce websites have always been a little bit more complicated than others. It just requires a slightly different tactic and more effort. Why? An e-commerce website sells a variety of products from different categories and brands. It's also a B2C (Business To Consumer), which means the business sells directly to customers. Customers need and [...]
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Mar / 23

Are You Still Investing In Newspaper Ads? 6 Reasons Why That’s A Bad Idea!

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Once upon a time, newspapers controlled the world. People depended on newspapers for information and news. Businesses took advantage of this and started placing pictures of their products and services. They were great opportunists. Cause Effect thinks you should be one too. If you're still investing in newspapers, you're following an old trend. The world [...]
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Mar / 21

Photobook Worldwide Facebook Marketing and Business Analysis

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If you're not sure what Photobook Worldwide does, their mission statement might explain it best: "To make your moments unforgettable by sharing your best moments into unique, exquisite and personalised coffee-table books" Photobook makes unique, exquisite and personalised coffee-table physical photo albums. They are also one of the biggest Malaysian tech success stories. So, we [...]
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Mar / 17

7 POWERFUL Strategic Content Marketing Tips To Build An Engaging Audience

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Creating content is easy. Creating good content, on the other hand, is a monumental task. Good content is meant to stimulate a response and generate engagement on your social media platforms. This allows you to build a network of followers who will end up as advocates for your business while generating a steady traffic across [...]
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Mar / 15

How To Sell iflix Through Facebook Ads

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Once upon a time, people only watched movies when they went to the cinema. Technology moved on and people were watching old reruns on their television. It didn't stop there. They made cinemas a lot more comfortable. Living room sofas got a lot more comfortable. Some people would prefer watching their favourite shows anywhere they [...]
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Mar / 13

How “The Lorry” Can Optimise Their Facebook Advertising Campaigns

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The Lorry or The is a logistics/delivery service based in Malaysia. Their base of operations is in Puchong, Selangor. You might not have heard of them (yet) but we're sure they're going to be an important service that powers the logistics in Malaysia through the digital scene very very soon. Why? Their marketing is [...]
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Mar / 10

How Can Target Startups Better Through Facebook Ads

CEblog Content Marketing, SEO 0 is one of the new breed of companies that targets old industries and upgrades them with digital automation. That's how we like it at Cause Effect. They target startups and SMEs to automate and make their HR (human resource) digital. Paperless. "HR made simple - all your people, platforms and payrolls in one place." It's [...]
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Mar / 08

What Is Content Marketing? Does It Help Me Generate Sales & Lead Acquisition?

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It's a shame that a majority of companies in Malaysia do not pose a strong front in content marketing. It's also a great opportunity for you. Delivering creative and highly valuable content to your customers will bear its fruits and take you to heights you've never imagined. Before that, let's start with the basics, shall [...]
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Mar / 06

How 50gram Can Explode Through Facebook Ads!

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Ever heard of 50gram? Maybe not. They’re a pretty interesting service, though. They’re a flower delivery service based in Malaysia. They’re also doing something called video bouquet, though we can’t find an explanation of what it is on their website. Their bouquets look amazing, though. Well, we found a Facebook post they’re boosting and thought […]

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