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Malindo Air Plane
Feb / 28

How To Improve Lead Acquisition On Facebook Ads- Malindo Air

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You've undoubtedly heard of Malaysian-based Malindo Air. Offering plenty more than its low-cost competitors (personal tv, light snacks, free meal and LEGROOM), it has started its upward climb towards being a household name in Malaysia, and we can definitely understand why. Their Facebook ads definitely reminded us of their awesomeness, however, we feel that it could be [...]
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Feb / 21

4 Ad Concepts That Could Boost HonestBee’s User Acquisition

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Hey guys, today let’s check out a Facebook Ad by a company called HonestBee. HonestBee is a pretty cool service that helps you pick up and deliver your groceries (and now even your laundry) to you in 1 hour. They’re an amazing company that has progressed a lot in such a short amount of time. [...]
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